The Walking Dead 11 is nearing its end, and with it the entire TV series based on Robert Kirkman’s comic: the total running time of the final episode that will conclude the adventure of The Walking Dead has recently been revealed, and it’s one that goes beyond normal standards for TV series considering that it will be a 90 minute episode. The latest episode will be released on November 20 on AMC, USA.

The Walking Dead’s path is coming to an end after 11 seasons, 12 years, and 177 episodes. Usually, the running time of The Walking Dead episodes is about 60 minutes, while the finale, due to its importance, has an extra half hour to set aside for the conclusion of the story. Although we already know spin-off projects and feature films are in development.

In Italy, the last episodes of The Walking Dead are distributed on the Disney+ platform. This is the summary of the last episodes:

In the final episodes, in the wake of the locusts’ overwhelming presence, an even greater force weighs down on every member of every community. With Commonwealth flags flying on Hilltop, Alexandria and Oceanside, there’s no time for those on the road to strategize. It’s a race against time to stay alive and get those still living in the Commonwealth out before Hornsby can retaliate. Connie’s article has caused more chaos than expected within the Commonwealth. By exposing Milton’s corruption, the hope of a better and more equal life for all could instead put everyone at risk. With the group heavily in debt and nowhere else viable, leaving was never an option. But if their next move fails, neither of them will stay. What they are going to do will only increase the dangers and consequences. Time is also ticking for the main players within the Commonwealth.
As each group continues to find itself in uncontrollable situations, threats both living and dead lurk around every corner. The pressure to come is ever closer to a day of reckoning for all. Will the sum of their individual journeys merge into one or will it divide them forever? The battle for a future continues to be exacerbated by the menacing vagrant population. Not everyone will survive, but for some, the walking dead live on…

Source: Lega Nerd

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