Gary Oldman, one of the most important actors in contemporary cinema, is contemplating his retirement from cinema. The translator, known for a vast saga of roles and interpretations of almost any style, wants to stop now, while he still has time to spend on various issues. Without specifying which ones, in their statements one can intuitively see an interest in personal activities.

Gary Oldman’s career is as fruitful as it is varied. The English actor began his career in theatre, appearing in a dozen plays from 1981 to 1987 before moving on to film. He hasn’t stayed on the big screen, where he started in 1986, until today, but he has also appeared on television, and recently in the series slow horsesas well as on platforms streaming.

Although he is currently recognizable for his time in the franchises Harry Potter And in The Dark Knight, two of the most important commercial narratives of recent years, his weight in the film industry appeared long before these works. One of the main works on which he began to build a career full of success was The Scarlet Letter, which was released in 1995 after no less than 17 productions were made.

Gary Oldman and the announcement of his re-entry

The interpreter announced his departure during a meeting with Sunday Times. In this environment, he said:

“I had an enviable career, but my career is on the decline, and other than acting, I’m interested in other things.. When you’re young, you think you can do everything you can to read this book, and then years go by.

Gary Oldman’s last work was slow horses, an Apple TV+ series in which he is part of a spy group. The series, approved for seasons two, three and four, was the interpreter’s debut in productions exclusively for streaming. The success of the production is largely due to his acting.

In developing his solution, Gary Oldman went into detail:

“Next year I will be 65; The 70s are not far off. I don’t want to be active when I’m 80. I would be very happy, it would be an honor and privilege for me to play the role of Jackson Lamb (his character in slow horses) and then leave it.

Gary Oldman is known for keeping a low profile when it comes to the media, like he always wanted his characters to speak in front of him, really. That’s why it’s fitting that he compares himself to Jackson Lamb, who in this story is also in a retirement plan of sorts. However, he has the knowledge and ability to continue on missions.

While it is expected that the translator will appear in the second season of the series. slow horse. His participation in the third and fourth season seems unlikely. In addition to working as a translator, Gary Oldman has also acted in various video games. During his career, he received dozens of nominations for almost every award possible. His most successful year in terms of recognition was 2017. He played Winston Churchill in dark hourthe role that won him an Oscar.

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