1899, the new Netflix series, became one of the biggest hits of the year. The story of Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, which tells of an inexplicable and extraordinary event in the middle of the sea, dazzled the public. In addition, he showed that the pair of director and screenwriter is one of the greatest creative duos of the last decade.

With his complex, mysterious style and his ability to endow the inexplicable with an emotional element, 1899 surprises no less than it moves. As if that weren’t enough, he travels through a split version of reality that is as complex as it is strange that it surprises with its power. Nothing is simple in the new Netflix series. However, not only its complexity makes the production successful. At the same time, it is a mysterious component that supports each of its narrative threads and settings.

But the success of the showrunners is not accidental. Even before the world phenomenon, he became its previous title on Netflix, Dark, both have already demonstrated their ability to create extraordinary stories. So much so that his short filmography showed that his talent lies in exploring human nature through beauty and elegance. something that both Dark which 1899 fully demonstrated, but this was already evident in previous productions of the creative duo.

We leave you with three films that you should watch if Dark D 1899 they moved and surprised you. A way to better understand the work of Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese as a creative team, if not their deep artistic sensibility.

Who I am: No system is safe

Considered in 2014 to be one of the best German films of all time, it is a marvel of resource saving and visual elegance. film before 1899 tells a story a young hacker who realizes that his skills are more than just tools for fraud or illegal. Which gives the story an air of justification in the midst of a well-constructed, ultra-tech setting that surprises with its narrative effectiveness.

Like any self-respecting cyber-thriller, this is also a reflection on a journey through modern morality. Subversion and the need to rebel against the system become a sophisticated vision of good and evil. Baran bo Odar turns the scenario of a cynical Europe in the midst of current social debate into a look at more complex places. Especially when the ability to influence – or not to influence – information networks is interconnected with identity, the need to understand the environment and power.

But the film’s triumph is in its characters. Benjamin (Tom Schilling) is an anonymous genius who eventually found his way to recognition through computer hacking. But what may seem like a dark game about intelligence and determination, it becomes a bizarre view of the possibility of evil. What is violence, cruelty and manipulation in a time full of nuance? The film explores it properly until it finds the most painful and possibly cynical of answers.

night of revenge

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Vincent Downes (Jamie Foxx) finds himself in the midst of a brutal scenario. One that could lead to his death, or worse, the murder of his son. As a police officer caught up in a web of corruption that surpasses him, he is both hostage and tormentor. Therefore, he must make an impossible choice: stay alive or fight the corrupted world around him.

Baran bo Odar manages to create an atmosphere of dark and bright tension. to this police thriller, the effectiveness and strength of which is based on the revision of morality. Away from ultra-tech settings like “1899” or “Darkness” that he’s used as storytelling elements before, the German director shines with his ability to explore pain. Also move through unusual places that are interconnected by a kind of morality with a touch of gray spaces, surprising in its subtlety.

In spite of night of revenge It’s a smart combination of frenetic action and violence, and it’s also a look at human nature. What would we be willing to do to save what is most dear to us? Moreover, what would we sacrifice to fight and fight the fears and the possibilities of fear that manifest themselves in multiple scenarios? Odar does not answer all questions. But yes, make an elegant roadmap for them to become part of the deep learning through the modern human spirit.

icy silence

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When a horrific crime seems to be repeating itself, a retired police officer must find a way to find elements that combine both events. This time, the duet of Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese manages to find a dark and sophisticated vision of violence that strikes with its precision – precisely in the style of 1899 or Dark–. Ice Silence it is much more than traveling through pernicious places in time and experiencing moral pain.

In addition, it is a well-constructed look into uncharted regions about time, the passage of stories of violence, and their collective impact. With its haunting beauty – attention to the frozen and silent landscapes filled with symbols – a film about violence outside of normal scenariosWith. At the same time beyond the possibility of the power of time and the relationship of good and evil as something more than a solution.

What makes a killer kill? What makes it a moral duty to be able to find answers to a crime? Big questions become spaces of great complexity that lead to a single answer. The darkest areas of the human mind and behavior.

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