After more than ten years on our screens walking Dead He stated his point of view and ended with the last chapter, which received the approval of the public. The conclusion of at least the main story. Currently a long list spin-off some of the characters will start to follow one after the other. And it is precisely because of this situation that the finale of the most popular zombie series on the screens received a different ending than it was originally planned.

In the episode aired walking Dead we could see something like lost, many years ago, already worked. A tribute to the first moments of the historical series and a review of the first scenes of the series. With nuances. Like the beginning of the series, we saw Rick Grimes on horseback in Atlanta. Later, after the events of the end of the series are resolved, we witness a time jump. A year later with children Rick and Michonne and the rest of the survivors. Everyone looks to the future in different parts of the world, writes a diary.

However, this scene could have been much more varied. More precisely, longer, but eliminated in the last production cut Walking Dead. advanced insiders, the one-year jump we saw in the series finale was much larger at the start. 10 years in time. These scenes also featured Rick and Michonne’s children, as well as Rosita, Judith, Grace, and Coco. Everything is much older, of course. And everyone is doing what their predecessors already did: looking for survivors. And there’s also a moment reminiscent of the show’s past: Rick’s son is listening to the radio. They are also looking for survivors.

This is how they describe insiders the sequence you were originally supposed to get walking Dead.

After Daryl left, we headed to Liberty Boulevard outside of Atlanta, where Rick’s iconic shot was taken from the pilot. Look at the ethanol-modified van with a young woman and a man in the front seats (in their early twenties). And through the scene, we realize that these are adults R.J. and Judith. Other adult versions of the children are in the back: Coco, Gracie, etc. They are there to escort the survivors back to their communities. Continuing the work of their parents. When RJ speaks on the radio, he ends with the words: “If you can hear me, answer. I’m Rick Grimes.” (That’s his name, of course, and the line Rick said in the pilot.) We then end with the survivor’s voice saying, “…Hi?”

Why did you decide to kill yourself? walking Dead how did we see it? This doesn’t fit with the plot that the production team has prepared for the Rick and Michonne spin-off that we’ll see in the coming years.

For the crew, they point out, while emotionally this ending might have made sense as closing the circle, the reality is that it didn’t quite make sense for the plot. It featured new versions of the characters that the audience was not emotionally attached to. So, finally, the scene was cut and left with characters that have been through for almost 10 years. walking Dead.

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