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Mobile Deals 11 of 11: Coupons & Best Discounts on Xiaomi, Realme Phones & More


If there is a store that tends to be particularly aggressive with its prices, it is AliExpress, which also already has Plaza, its edition with a warehouse in Spain, to avoid problems in customs and ensure fast delivery, one of the things you should always know . before buying on 11 of 11, which starts right now.

Many days in November AliExpress keeps offers from 11 out of 11 activewith discounts on the base price of their products, as well as additional discounts if you apply discount coupons, a common mechanic in this Asian e-commerce.

Of course, coupons vary in quantity, terms, and expiration date, and getting them is one way to save money on AliExpress any day of the year, especially on the so-called Singles Day, when the quantity is still circulating. more codes.

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There is a lot more besides discounted mobile phones, though you should be aware of how AliExpress 11.11 works to get the most out of this event that has a lot to offer.

At the moment we have collected the best mobile phones on sale with discounts that differ from prices and much of what is in other stores.

  1. How prices and coupons work 11.11
  2. One Plus 10 Pro
  3. One plus 9
  4. Nothing Phone (1)
  5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro
  6. SMALL C40
  7. SMALL M5

Price with and without a coupon: how it works

Aliexpress 11.11 11 11


Throughout this event, you will see the base price on AliExpress, the one that includes the product without coupons. This does not mean that it is or should be final what you are going to pay.

During the purchase process, before paying, you have the opportunity to apply some of the discount codes that are in circulation, and there are many of them. Here are some of the best that are available right now.

So, for example, a mobile phone that would cost 369 euros turns out to be magically worth 309 euros, and this is where the real 11.11 deals in this and other stores are.

It’s a completely different mechanism than what other distributors use on certain dates, like Black Friday, where they simply bet on a price cut with no gimmicks.

One Plus 10 Pro


This is the design of OnePlus 10 Pro.

One Plus 10 Pro

Undoubtedly one of the best phones offered in 11 out of 11, a true premium high-end with Android and boasting Qualcomm’s most powerful processor.

In addition, its cameras and screen justify the price, which is still over 900 euros in many stores, such as Amazon, although its base price has dropped to 639 euros on AliExpress, which could be even lower.

The OnePlus 10 Pro has a long way to go with Android and OxygenOS updates, and performance we’ve seen still has a lot to offer.

One plus 9


OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, analysis and opinion on the best OnePlus phones

One plus 9

In terms of a much lower price point, the OnePlus 9 is still a very good phone a year later with wireless charging, 65W fast charging and a great 120Hz AMOLED screen.

In terms of power, it also doesn’t pale in comparison to other Android phones, especially since its current price on AliExpress is just over 300 euros, which is a real benefit.

You pay the same as many mid-range mobiles, but you get one that has little to envy any high-end, the magic of discount codes, and the best part is that, like just about everything on this list, this one is shipped from Spain.

Nothing Phone (1)


Nothing Phone (1) – Unboxing

Nothing Phone (1)

Nothing has hit the phone market with strength, with a device that surprises and is a welcome breath of fresh air.

The Nothing phone (1), which now costs less than 400 euros (and excluding the additional discount with a coupon), is a mid-range phone with wireless charging, premium design and, above all, excellent smoothness in an operating system reminiscent of pure Android. Google pixel.

This is a safe bet despite being the brand’s first mobile phone with good performance and a more than decent camera.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro


Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro

The Redmi Note family has been in huge demand for years, as have the Pros, which are somewhat more powerful and have a better screen than their smaller brothers.

The Redmi Note 11 Pro is a new milestone, with a 120Hz AMOLED screen and a 108MP camera, which isn’t bad at all, although the real leap in quality is in design, lighter and thinner.

It doesn’t feel like a cheap cell phone, but it does, especially now. Officially it costs 300 euros, but in AliExpress Plaza without codes it costs 234 euros.




POCO has a lot of mobile phones and they always try to keep the price as low as possible. POCO C40 is the best example of this, one of the cheapest mobile phones with an official price in Spain of 150 euros.

However, without resorting to discount codes, you can get it for less than 100 euros and with shipping from Spain, which is the real deal.

This is the perfect device for people who only want to use whatsapp, make calls, watch social media and take photos from time to time.




Another inexpensive POCO model is the M5, which is newer and also somewhat more complete than the C40 as it has a 90Hz screen and NFC for mobile payments, for example, two useful details.

The design is also much more unusual and special, different colors are available and all of them are without a doubt eye-catching.

At the moment, this is a mobile phone that is sold on AliExpress 11 out of 11 with only 128 GB of memory and 6 GB of RAM, which is completely out of place for less than 200 euros.

Source: Computer Hoy

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