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So you can watch the 2022 World Cup Qatar in 4K for free from your living room.


The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is here and the first meetings between the countries were a small example of what is to come. Of course, not all matches will be broadcast by RTVE, but those who are going to reach for the TV will get UHD resolution to enjoy this football match even more..

While they can be viewed in UHD resolution, a number of steps will need to be followed to see them in that quality. The first thing to keep in mind is that you must tune in to a TVE UHD channel in DTT. It may seem like just pressing a button to search for channels on your TV, but this is not the case as it varies with each community.

We will take a detailed look at how to set up this channel on your TV so that you can watch free matches World Qatar 2022 in 4K resolution. In case you’re not going to watch it at home and need to use your mobile phone, we’ve also calculated the data you’ll need to see everything. Qatar World Cup 2022.

In addition, if you are forced to watch these matches at a relative’s house, we also provide you with a complete report on how to watch the 2022 Qatar World Cup on Android TV with Kodi, IPTV and apps. After explaining the various ways to use it, we start by setting up DTT in 4K.


How to Use Kodi on Amazon Fire TV and Access IPTV Channels

Your TV’s Essential Needs to Watch Qatar World Cup Matches in 4K

Before going to the TV settings to start channel tuning UHD TV What you need to do is check if the TV will be compatible with that channel. Logically andEquipment must have 4K resolution. In the absence of this resolution, the image that will show the channel will be at the native resolution of the TV.

The clearest example is a TV with a resolution of Full HD or 1920 x 1080 pixels and expecting to see games in 4K is impossible. Most televisions in recent years have this resolution, although you may also have a television in the kitchen or dining room with a lower resolution, in which case there is no point in tuning to this channel.

Another of the needs of a TV is that it has HDR to be able to watch games at its best, this is not a requirement and prevents you from tuning into that channel. But the truth is that it improves the experience, a DVB-T2 tuner is required on the TV.. If your 4K TV is a few years old, it might not be.

How do you know if your TV has a DVB-T2 tuner? The easiest way is to check your TV model online along with its serial number so that the manufacturer’s website can always provide you with the correct information. FROMIf you don’t have this tuner, you can choose an external tuner or use the DVB-T2 standard..

If you want to bet on the DVB-T2 standard, you will need to make sure your TV supports it. It is much more common than the previous one, because uses a mixed system that combines DTT together with IPTV television, which makes it mandatory to have an internet connection so that you can tune in to that channel on your TV.

Tune in to TVE UHD to watch the Qatar World Cup in 4K.

By clarifying the basic needs of a TV to be able to tune TVE UHD and watch World Cup matches. Qatar in 4K, now it’s time to see what you need to do to tune into this channel. Channel setup can be manual or automatic, the latter being the least recommended if you have previously organized channels.

And it is that when scanning channels automatically, it will adjust the channels as they are found and therefore completely disorganize the order of those channels. We recommend setting up a TVE UHD channel manually to avoid channel reorganization..

UHD Spain has prepared a document where you can see the channel number for each province and city it covers. We leave you the complete list below to make it easier for you to tune in to this channel on your TV:

  • La CorunaARES, La Coruña: channel 21
  • La CorunaSANTIAGO, Santiago de Compostela: channel 33
  • alavaVITORIA, Vitoria: channel 47
  • AlbaceteALMANSA, Almansa: channel 26
  • AlbaceteCHinchilla, Albacete: channel 26
  • AlbaceteHELLIN, HELLIN: channel 26
  • AlicanteAITANA, Alicante: channel 34
  • AsturiasGijon, Gijon: Channel 4
  • AsturiasOVIEDO NARANCO, Oviedo: channel 48
  • AvilaAVILA, Avila: channel: channel 41
  • BadajozBADAJOS, Badajoz: channel 22
  • BarcelonaBAIX LLOBREGAT, Torrelles de Llobregat: channel 43
  • BarcelonaCOLSEROLA, Barcelona: channel 43
  • BurgosBURGOS, Burgos: channel 42
  • CaceresCaceres, Caceres: channel 27
  • CaceresMERIDA II, Merida: channel 27
  • CadizJERES DE LA FRONTERA, Cadiz: channel 44
  • CantabriaPENA musk deer, Santander: channel 34
  • real cityWATCHTOWER, Ciudad Real: channel 33
  • real cityLA MANCHA, Alcazar de San Juan: channel 33
  • real cityPUERTOLLANO, Puertollano: channel 33
  • CordovaCORDOBA, Córdoba: channel 43
  • Swimming poolPOOL I, Pool: channel 35
  • Swimming poolPOOL II, Pool: channel 35
  • GironaROCACORBA, Girona: channel 40
  • GrenadePARAPANDA, Grenada: channel 48
  • GuadalajaraIRIEPAL, Guadalajara: channel 35
  • guipuzcoaJAYZKIBEL, San Sebastian: channel 47
  • HuelvaPUNTA UMBRIA, Huelva: channel 38
  • HuescaARGUIS, Huesca: channel 37
  • Balearic IslandsALFABIJA, Palma de Mallorca: channel 22
  • HaenSIERRA ALMADENA, Jaén: channel 43
  • RiojaLOGRONO, Logrono: channel 41
  • palmsISLETA, LA Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: channel 41
  • a lionPORTILLO, LEO: channel 42
  • LleidaALPICAT, Lleida: channel 21
  • LugoPARAMO, Lugo: channel 37
  • MadridSAN FERNANDO DE HENARES, San Fernando de Henares: channel 36
  • MadridTORRESPANA, Madrid: channel 36
  • MalagaMIJAS, Malaga: channel 26
  • MurciaCARRASCOY, Murcia: channel 28
  • NavarreMONTREAL, Pamplona: channel 43
  • OurenseOURENCE, Ourense: channel 33
  • PalenciaVILLAMURIEL DE SERRATO, Palencia: channel 42
  • pontevedraPONTEVEDRA, Pontevedra: channel 26
  • SalamancaSALAMANCA, Salamanca: channel 33
  • Santa Cruz in TenerifeIZAGNA, Santa Cruz de Tenerife: channel 37
  • SegoviaSEGOVIA, Segovia: channel 41
  • SevilleVALENSINA, Seville: channel 36
  • SoriaSORIA, SORIA: channel 46
  • TarragonaMUSARA, Tarragona: channel 42
  • TeruelTERUEL, Teruel: channel 43
  • ToledoCERRO PALOS, Toledo: channel 35
  • ToledoTOLEDO II, Toledo: channel 35
  • ValladolidVALLADOLID II, Valladolid: channel 27
  • BiscayARCHANDA, Bilbao: channel 24
  • ZamoraZAMORA, Zamora: channel 48
  • ZaragozaMUELA, Zaragoza: channel 23

This will be a complete list with all provinces and the channel that TVE UHD is on. Now you need to start looking for this channel to see the games that will be streaming. Basically, TVE UHD already has a calendar of matches to be shown, all played by Spain. and, in addition, the following meetings:

  • Saturday, November 26 at 17:00 Spanish time: France-Denmark
  • Sunday, November 27 at 20:00 Spanish time: Spain-Germany
  • Tuesday 29 November 20:00 Spanish time: England-Wales
  • Wednesday, November 30, 20:00 Spanish time: Poland-Argentina
  • Thursday, December 1, 16:00 Spanish time: Croatia-Belgium
  • Thursday, December 1, 20:00 Spanish time: Spain-Japan
  • Friday, December 2, 20:00 Spanish time: Cameroon-Brazil.

We hope this was helpful complete list of channels by province where you can find TVE UHD to be able to watch the matches of the World Cup in Qatar in 4K from the living room of your house. Now we just have to wait until Spain reach the final and we can enjoy this match in the best possible way.

Source: Computer Hoy

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