The World Cup is a special moment because in addition to the sports memorabilia, the event features major events outside of the four lines. Cultural shock among citizens of countries around the world leads to some pretty hilarious encounters.

And in this sense, one of the curious ones is connected with the comedian Diogo Defante. Known for his very peculiar demeanor, he became famous on the Internet for video series such as “Repórter Doidão”. Pictured on YouTube, Defante plays the role of a journalist on events ranging from football to political demonstrations.

And this time the comedian was sent to Qatar to narrate the World Cup on Casimiro Miguel’s channel. Defante’s style even caused fear among fans.

Defante arrested in Qatar?

Diogo Defante is known for playing with all kinds of people and in all situations. He even asked people to pretend to be late for the National High School Exam (Enem), for example, to deceive journalistic tools.

The comedian’s neutral style has made many wonder if he can be arrested in Qatar. The Muslim country has a very different culture from the West and has very strict rules and even alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Many people took advantage of this question posed by Casimiro himself to make jokes and memes. Check out the banter on the subject and the first videos of Defante “why” in Qatar below:

Source: Tec Mundo

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