From 2005 to the present, a mortal with titanic abilities has been opposing the gods in various versions Game console. Recently, this has also started to be done on PC. In addition to the computer or console where to play, Kratos, the main character god of War, grew up inside Sony as one of its main characters. For many, the most relevant, to the point that it has become a pop reference that will soon have its own series.

A performance that will go even further, recreated through adaptation live action. Is it good or bad? It’s not that easy to decide. When it comes to narratives, the genre or format in which they are framed is the determining factor, for better or for worse. For this reason, in many cases, the transition from one method of counting to another is not easy. The happiness is that, in the end, we are talking about the same thing: history.

While the video game format offers a number of possibilities that the television plan may not have, the latter, thanks to special effects, also has some advantages over the former. Everything is summed up, and in large part to the story, to the script behind this adaptation. This is one of the reasons why the series god of War it could be something positive.

god of War there will be a series

Since March of this year, Sony has been rumored through Amazon Prime Video. By then, both companies will be exploring the possibility of joining forces and creating a series about god of War. This information was published Term. It is curious that by that time they had chosen to adapt live action; that is, with real people playing the characters.

This usually causes controversy due to the possible choice of actors, script, special effects and other things. And it hasn’t been confirmed yet. This finally happened on December 14, when the project was officially announced. The news has reopened many readings, interpretations and expectations regarding the adaptation.

Series inspired by the universe god of War He is responsible for Mark Fergus D Ostby’s hawk. This isn’t the first time the two have worked together for Amazon. before they’ve already done Space. They are accompanied by Rafe Judkins, who has already been involved in projects such as: unknown, Wheel of Time D Agents of SHIELD Manufacturing companies, amazon studios, Sony Pictures Television D console production.

Doubt and Possibility

While the questions surrounding the adaptation hold true to the issues with casting and special effects processing, it’s not a bet based on nostalgia. This last factor was present, for example, in several productions. live action that Disney has released in recent years. Everything is based, of course, on his extensive saga of animated hits.

god of war series

Case of the series god of War It’s different. These are not companies trying to revive an old saga, an old classic, or a related spin-off. It’s part of an expansion of various franchises that Sony has been working on for years. Added to this is the optimism of Amazon Studios, expressed in the statements of Vernon Sanders, one of its managers, about Collider:

We are great at adapting.because the invincible until boys. I mean, we just looked at a lot of adaptations, right?”

But this is not enough. god of War count with one fandom in captivity for almost twenty years. It’s about a couple of generations who have grown up with this narrative and expect more than just good intentions. In order to achieve something satisfactory, apart from the actors and special effects that can be considered, something else is important in this case.

Story about god of War

god of War It can be described as an action adventure. However, this is a very short synopsis, possibly unfair. It is a story that brings together various mythologies, allows itself to be questioned, allows for multiple readings, and can even invite us to reconsider the concept of a hero. Why is it important to consider these aspects?

god of war series

In the television format, each of these themes is an opportunity to move forward, great pillars upon which a compelling story can be built, compelling through action but also with a deep richness of themes. Obviously, Vernon Sanders remembers this:

“At the center of it all is the story of fathers and sons, families against the backdrop of this gigantic epic landscape. So what did Rafe, Mark and Hawke come up with for the first season and series, I think it’s incredibly true to the source material and also appealing in its own right.. If you have never played this game, you will fall in love with the series and feel welcome. So we think it’s going to be something big.”

How will those who play god of War? One aspect that may conflict is the rhythm of the game, against which adaptation may be allowed. live action from Amazon Prime Video. If this production manages to take advantage of these storytelling pillars, which are sometimes only hinted at in the game, the final product could be more than an adaptation until it achieves a sort of independence from the video game. short of betraying him

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