TV series adaptation Last of us, available on HBO and on HBO Max, was released and surprised. Especially for the fact that this is a thorough and thoughtful tour of the plot of the famous video game. Some of his best episodes are flawless recreations of the source material. Which give emotionality to a story based on an unthinkable tragedy. With its grown-up and sober tone, it’s a consistent drive to tell a story that is a fundamental part of pop culture.

However, creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann made some changes to the plot. From the broad context that adds information that was not included in the original plot, to the small nuances of his characters. Adaptation Last of us it is a cautious journey through an expanding universe. At the same time, one that connects the best moments of the famous game with a new TV experience.

Some of the additions are intended to add information about what happened on the fateful night of the outbreak. Others give more depth to the characters. We leave you with the most notable differences between the game and the HBO Max version of the iconic storyline. Last of us.

How the virus spreads

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One of the biggest changes in the series Last of us This is the way fungus spreads. In Naughty Dog, the Cordyceps virus becomes a threat that quickly spreads through bites and spores. This means that the danger is in the air, but also comes through the frontal attack of the infected.

However, in the series fungal infection is transmitted only through bites. The first chapter shows how rings become visible in the mouth, which reflect the spread of the fungus inside the host’s body.

As the creator duo commented, this decision is about creating a sense of physical connection between patients. The effect of the hive, which, according to the plot, will become more and more important and, of course, dangerous.

Sarah Miller is more than a memory

The Last of Us, from HBO Max

In the original story, the daughter of Joel, the protagonist, barely appears in the prologue, which explains what happened next. But in version Last of us from HBO the argument gives the figure the opportunity to be much more than the cause of his father’s suffering.

Sarah, played by Nico Parker, is part of almost the entire first hour of the opening chapter. In addition to star in the iconic clock scene which he gives to Joel (Pedro Pascal) also has its essence. His close relationship with his small family and neighbors is shown.

In essence, Sarah becomes a witness to a larger event taking place on the periphery. By the time the contagion explodes in all its terrifying force, it is through the eyes of the character that the plot first describes the horror of the infected.

Another schedule for Last of us on HBO

The first chapter of the series shows three major points in time. The first is a television program that aired in 1968 that discusses the possibility of a fungal infection.

Last of us

The second is the one that includes the night of the beginning of the apocalypse, which takes place on September 26, 2003. The third is a chronological jump that leads to 2023, when the famous plot involving Joel and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) unfolds. starts.

As you remember, the history of the game Last of us takes place in 2033, which makes the scenario of the dispute is happening in our time. A significant change that can even be interpreted as a tragic vision of a possible future.

Relationship between Tess and Joel

In the story of Naughty Dog, the relationship between Tess and Joel, partners in an underground smuggling operation, is highly ambiguous. So much so that the connection that unites them is not entirely clear. Is it a couple? Are they casual lovers? Argument Last of us it does not point to it and does not go into depth.

But in the HBO series, what both characters have in common seems to be more apparent. at least he has emotional and intimate meaning not shown in the source material. Tess, played by Anna Torv, makes a much more physical display of her feelings for Joel. At one point, she lays down next to him and hugs him while he sleeps. At the moment, the platform version also does not fully clarify the issue, although it does leave some interesting clues for future chapters.

HBO Max's The Last of Us introduces a new type of hero.  Bella Ramsey

Other characters that are part of the adaptation Last of us on HBO

Tommy, Joel’s brother in the Naughty Dog game, is also part of the TV adaptation of the story. Performed by Gabriel Luna, takes a more active part than in its version in the source material. This not only deepens the relationship he has with his family. Also in what happened to the character on the fateful night of the outbreak.

version Last of us HBO also modified what happened after a long two decades separating the beginning of the apocalypse from the world that survived these events. It is hinted in the series that Tommy and Joel maintain some kind of contact. In fact, the latter thinks to go looking for him after what seems to be a surprising disappearance. In the game, the brothers only meet in the middle of Joel and Ellie’s trip to Salt Lake City.

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There are also some changes in the environment of the Millers before the tragedy that devastated the world. In the game, your neighbor is a man named Jimmy Cooper. In the adaptation, the main characters live next door to the Adlers. Connie (Marcia Bennett) and Danny (Brad Leland) live with the latter’s elderly mother, Nana (Wendy Gorling). In fact, it is the fragile woman who is the first infected that Sarah (and the audience) can see in a heartbreaking scene showing the effects of infection.

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