This week’s series Last of us, available on HBO Max, has captured the attention of the entertainment world. Its quality, but above all its fidelity to the video game, has attracted the attention of a large number of people. save hype Upstairs, as the next episode premieres, the production team share some interesting details that emerged during the development of the project.

One of them is associated with introduction last of us. HBO series are characterized by the presence of opening scenes, which, thanks to images and music, remain in the memory of the audience for a long time. we’ve seen it since Game of Thrones, succession, dragon house D Euphoria, to mention just a few of them. Thus, the content created by Craig Mazin could not go unnoticed.

Obviously, before choosing the introduction we already know, which through animation shows how Cordyceps, the fungus responsible for the infection, develops and spreads, there was at least one more proposal on the table. In an interview with ColliderCraig Mazin, one of the showrunners Last of usshowed what his original idea was.

In particular, Craig Mazin’s intention was show a short video on how Cordyceps infects and destroys an ant. It is curious that in the first moments of the first series Last of us, the scientist explains how the fungus works inside said insect. Therefore, it was logical that we would see a demonstration of this event shortly after.

It is worth noting that Mazin’s idea was not something new. There are several documentaries that show the horrifying scene of Cordyceps transforming into various kinds of insects. However, the creative intended to go down this path so that the audience would have a better idea of ​​the behavior of the infected creature. Nothing to do, yes, with how they imagined it in people.

Why was this intro cut? It’s simple because Neil Druckmananother showrunner Last of us and one of the video game masters, he didn’t really like the idea.

“I suggested an intro twice. First time, [Neil Druckmann] He said “uh”. Or we can make a video. On planet Earth, you can see a beautiful demonstration of how cordyceps works, how it takes possession of an ant. He will tell you everything you need to know. We decided to make our own video this way. It was kind of boring to watch. It was like we were in a social studies class.”

Craig Mazin.

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Neil Druckmann was honest with him and remarked, “It’s a little weird.” Craig Mazin, for his part, admits that he, too, was unmoved by that horrific video of the ant’s suffering. He subsequently set to work on another proposal, which had to be completed quickly as filming drew to a close.

In the end, Mazin and Druckmann agreed on an animated scene that we could see last Sunday (Monday in Spain). In addition to the amazing visual part, the Argentinean’s musical contribution is no less important. Gustavo Santaolalla, who also made an outstanding soundtrack for the game. The main theme of the series is essentially the same as that of the video game.

YouTube video

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