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The best-selling portable air conditioner in Spain is still on sale: it costs less than 200 euros.


Temperatures are constantly rising and are always or almost always above 30º in some areas of Spain, already facing a summer that promises to be one of the hottest as there are records that make many take the step of installing air conditioning at home if they haven’t already.

Portable models are the preferred option for those who are late and don’t want to pay for the costly installation of a split model., and is that in addition to being cheap, you can install them yourself in just a few minutes. How cheap are they? You can see by the button: one of the most affordable models is Cecotec ForceClima 7050 which is still on sale for just 199 euros.

It’s on sale on Amazon and in stock, which is amazing given the dates we have. Typically year after year, portable air conditioners run out as soon as June rolls around, especially in a month with temperatures as high as 2022.

Like all devices of this type, or almost all, it has wheels, so you can easily transport it anywhere and even take it on vacation if you have a second home.

Of course, you must take into account that part of the installation is its vent pipe, which is connected with the advantage of facilitating the escape of gases and hot air.

This Cecotec air conditioner with 1800 frigories is ideal for studios and medium sized rooms., which can cool more or less quickly. For example, you can install it in the living room to keep the temperature low.

In addition to the obvious function of air conditioning, it is also an air dryer. The fact that all these devices generate moisture to a greater or lesser extent cannot be overlooked, so it is important that they remove it, at least partially, during their operation.

In addition to the attractive price, ForceClima 7050, which is offered by Amazon, has free and fast shipping, so in just 2-3 days you can receive it at home without paying shipping costs.

Source: Computer Hoy

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