The announcement of the films nominated for the 2023 Oscars from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences came with a few surprises. Not only because some of the favorites did not make it into the final draw, but also becauseor unexpectedly pay homage to independent films.

From the recognition of Angela Bassett, who was the big surprise of the event, to numerous nominations for All everywhere at the same time. The popular list celebrates the best of a unique year for cinema, but especially Hollywood’s big comeback as a show. In addition, let clearly understand the importance of industry recoveryafter two years of dealing with the health emergency caused by the pandemic.

But this is not the reason why the presence of streaming platforms is less important among the lists of awards in various fields. Demonstrate your influence and reach. It’s a significant triumph, in the midst of an apparent celebration of the return of the cinematic experience to theaters, it’s the obvious protagonist of the awards ceremony. We bring to your attention a list of the main nominations and where you can see them right now.

Where to watch the 2023 Oscar nominees

All at once everywhere

11 Oscar nominations is a big surprise at the 95th Academy Awards. The fantastic film not only received recognition in technical aspects, but was also recognized among the most relevant awards. In particular, in the category “Best Actress” and “Best Supporting Actress” lead Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis, respectively.

  • It can be viewed on Movistar+.

No news at the front

With nine nominations, including Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, Edward Berger’s film is one of the biggest winners on the nominee list. The production also received a triumph at the BAFTA.

  • You can watch it on Netflix.

Banshee by Inisherin

Also with nine categories that include Best Lead and Supporting Actor and Best Film and Director, Martin McDonagh’s film has a good chance of winning on March 12.

  • In theaters February 3rd only.


The extraordinary biopic about pop star Baz Luhrmann received eight nominations, most of which were technical. But the Academy recognized the visual and sound section in the nominations “Best Sound” and “Best Makeup and Hairstyle”.

  • You can watch it on HBO Max.


The fictionalized biography of Steven Spielberg received seven nominations, including Best Director and Best Picture. It also stood out among the items dedicated to the actors, which honored Michelle Williams and Judd Hirsch.

  • You can see it from February 10 in cinemas.


The story of the fictional conductor Lydia Tar has become a major category phenomenon, receiving four nominations. From best director Todd Field to best actress Cate Blanchett. This slight critique of the music-art system prevailed over other films that were considered favorites.

  • You can see it in the cinema right now.

Top Shooter Maverick

One of the biggest box office successes of 2022 has also become one of the productions with the most nominations. Its list spans five categories, including best film and special effects. Also, curious recognition for Best Adapted Screenplay for Aheren Krueger, Eric Warren Singer and Christopher McQuarrie.

  • You can watch it on Prime Video.

black panther wakanda forever

The sequel to the 2018 hit received a record five nominations, including Best Actress for Angela Bassett for her portrayal of Queen Ramonda.

  • You can see it from February 1 on Disney+.

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Avatar 2: Water Sense

James Cameron’s great work, which took thirteen years to reach the cinema, is not only a box office phenomenon but also an unparalleled visual spectacle. However, it barely achieved four nominations, two of which are technical.

  • You can see them right now in theaters.

Triangle of sadness

Another big surprise of the nominations, one for Best Picture and another for Best Director by Ruben Östlund, the movie didn’t budge. In addition, he took his bizarre story of pain and mental suffering to another level.

  • It will be in theaters on February 17th.

They are talking

With two nominations, a story about rape in the Mennonite community in Bolivia, based on a real case, becomes one of the main nominations of the evening.

  • It will be in theaters on February 17th.


The story of a man trapped in the memories and limitations of his body received three nominations, including one for Brendan Fraser.

  • Currently you can see it in the cinema.

Pinocchio Guillermo del Toro

The Mexican director’s stop-motion animation finally reaches its most important moment, earning a Best Animated Feature nomination.

  • You can watch it on Netflix.

sea ​​monster

This unique story about a monstrous creature and his friendship with a girl, which received a nomination for “Best Animated Film”, defied predictions.

  • You can watch it on Netflix.


The adorable story of a girl who transforms into a red panda received Pixar’s only nomination for Best Animated Feature.

  • You can watch it on Disney+.

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