Followers unknown find the detail that links this franchise to the series Last of us. This happened in the second chapter of the HBO series. In this episode, one of the characters is holding an item that eventually becomes a clue to the plot, leaving one of the drama’s most important moments available on HBO Max.

For months, Sony has been pushing the idea of ​​expanding its video game universe into TV and the big screen. The most recent case is unknownfilm with Tom Hollandwho played Nathan Drake, modern icon in consoles. Surprisingly, in the last episode Last of us there is a link to this franchise.

Then it is clear that Last of us it doesn’t just lead to a compelling adaptation of the game. It also allows Sony to wink at its most attentive fans and viewers. It should be noted that within fandom Of the video games, both of the franchises mentioned have a wide fan base.

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Link to unknown in Last of us

Second chapter Last of us there is one more dramatic moment left after the first episode, which already has a couple of emotionally compromising situations. In this case, it’s the future. Tess (played by Anna Torv) the one at stake. It is gradually hinted at how the character is going through some kind of transformation.

This is due to his physical condition, increasingly compromised. To help Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie Williams (played by Bella Ramsey), Tess decides to burn down the place where they are. This is the moment when the link to unknownin an object that may have gone unnoticed by many viewers.

Tess tries several times to activate the lighter. This part is identical to the model considered for the video game version. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s Way. Link confirmed playful puppythrough his twitter profile:

A task Last of us

Most video game adaptations usually don’t come to fruition. These are series or films that have many shortcomings in the script, staging, casting, effects used … In these cases, almost any area is affected. What’s happening? These projects are approached when the franchise is already successful in its own market. That is: they have a captured audience. Therefore, it is concluded that the economic rate will have some compensation after output.

However, the opposite is often the case. Last of us presented as a series capable of contradicting this logic. The game has a key narrative base while developing the story in a different format. Added to this, HBO spared no resources to adapt it. What is the score? Two full chapters. There will be nine episodes in total, which will air weekly every Sunday.

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