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Netflix continues with time travel and has released a very surprising French series


7 lives of Léa is a new Netflix series from France (Les 7 vies de Léa), it covers some genres like thriller, mystery, crime and fantasy. Two of sci-fi’s greatest subgenres as the driving forces of the plot: body swapping and time travel. In this series, both take place at the same time.

This new Netflix series starring Raïka Hazanavicius is based on the 2019 book “The 7 Lives of Léo Belami” by Nataël Trapp. original.

“Léa awakens after finding the body of a young man in the 90s. He invades the bodies of seven different people to solve and prevent his mysterious death.”Netflix explains it in its summary. We leave you the trailer so that you can whet your appetite.


7 Lives of Lea, Netflix

We are faced with a simple plan that seems to really work. It premiered on the platform on April 28 and looks to be a success.

In episode 1 (no spoilers), Léa will find a skeleton hand sticking out of the ground. He’s at a party and he’s pretty drunk when it happens, but what happens next week is even creepier. He wakes up the same day every day but 30 years ago. And every day in someone new body.

He doesn’t have his memories or abilities, so he’s pretty tough and struggling with himself in most cases. To continue with the idea of ​​seven lives and seven bodies, this season also consists of seven episodes of 45 minutes each.

Given that the extension is a seemingly simple concept, a second season is highly likely due to its success over time.

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