Accessories Air Label Apple has proven to offer a utility that leaves no room for doubt, so its launch is clearly a success. Of course, the Cupertino company had to overcome some detected mistakes, such as some misuse of this product to spy on people. here’s a new one problem Who comes to complicate life for company with a bitten apple.

It should be noted that this is a button type and can be replaced at the end of its life. The situation is that no malfunction has been detected that shortens the lifespan of these accessories or jeopardizes the stability of the device. What does the known have to do with it? protection in this case, it doesn’t offer the stack we’re talking about.

What is known about AirTag

This has to do with the fact that button batteries do not use a coating that is already so common to prevent children from swallowing the item. we are talking about the use bitrex, which makes the taste very bitter as soon as the pili is placed in the mouth. This usually causes little ones automatically spit. The truth is that Apple does not offer this solution.

According to the company itself, using Bitrex coated batteries can cause the AirTag to malfunction when it comes to powering the accessory. So much so that you can run the risk of the device not working and becoming unusable. According to this signature, users must decide not to use batteries that do not have the corresponding protection for everything to work correctly, or if this does not happen, they must take the usual risk. And that, of course, is everyone’s decision.

White Air Label


Frankly, if you don’t have small children at home, you don’t have to think about anything because it’s okay. But it doesn’t stop being Curious AirTags do not offer battery use with Bitrex, considering how seriously Apple takes all things security.

Future change needed

While the Cupertino firm hasn’t stated anything about it, it’s completely desirable. But absolutely necessary changes can be made so that second generation AirTag includes the possibility of using a child-proof battery. Regardless of that, at the moment, this is something that can cause problems. And it is important to know.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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