Among the branches of the armed forces of the Russian army, which are undergoing rapid technological renewal, a special place is occupied by means of electronic communications – electronic warfare. In recent years, VK presented the goal of dew of unique komesses to Russia. Among them, the Krasukha ground-based electronic warfare complex.

Their probability in a matter of minutes without a single shot with the help of interference or special impulses is the transformation of the electronic filling of modern military equipment into a useless mammary gland.

A bit of history

EW is considered by many to be the product of many remaining technologies. However, the first idea of ​​radio intelligence research is that the inventor of radio A. S. Popov in March 1903.

A year later, in March 1904, Vice Admiral S. O. Makarov, commander of the Pacific Fleet, order No. 27 p,

Just a month later, the radio operators of the squadron battleship Pobeda and the naval radio station on Zolotoy Gora stopped the radio exchange between the Japanese battleships Nissin and Kasuga, who fired large-caliber guns at the Port Arthur forts, and their spotters – double-armored cruisers.

Squadron battleship PobedaSquadron battleship Pobeda

Our rists with their help are more harmful to their radio stations.

EW complexes “Krasukha-2” and “Krasukha-4”

The work, according to the Kraskha-2 and Kraskha-4 comexes (1rl257 and 1l269), began in s s s s s s s s S s s s s s s s Real emr All of them are part of the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern – KRET. In the Russian Steel Army, complexes begin in 2014.

Emblem of the EW Troops of RussiaEmblem of the EW Troops of Russia

The Krasukha-2 analog electronic warfare complex freely fights AWACS aircraft, including AWACS at a distance of up to 250 km, reliably guards the command post, air defense units and military personnel of the formation. Comprehensive development of software that allows you to quickly correct and control the signal Krasukha-2 has access to objects and sends high-precision messages to them. Kieti, comex gshsh

“Kraskha-4” gives p ground survey and reconnaissance-gift comexes, p, p, p, p, p, p,

EW complex EW complex “Krasukha-4”

Komeks determines the parameters of unarmed signal sources and suppresses them with its help. Krasukha-4 hides stationary objects from airborne radars of reconnaissance aircraft and attack aircraft. For example, once in the zone of its action, the AWAC system ceases to detect “friends” and “iiis” and loses urabol.

Composition Rcomplex EB “Krasukha-4”

The complex is installed on the chassis of two KAMAAZ-6350 (334) vehicles. Its composition includes:

  • microwave microwave equipment U52219;
  • wide-range antenna machine R-168 ShDAM;
  • radio stations R-168-5 and R-168-100;
  • graphic informatics manipulator;
  • device for recording and transferring information;
  • secure computers Baget-23V and Baget-RSZBM;
  • remote navigation system BRIZ-KM;
  • data transmission equipment;
  • diesel units ADS-10.

TTX “Krasuchi-4”

  • Working sector in azimuth – 360° and in elevation from – 1° do + 60-85°;
  • Comex for the finale
  • Folding/deployment time in summer (winter) is 20 and 40 minutes, respectively, the readiness time is 3 minutes;
  • Power consumption – 30 kW;
  • Crew – 3-7 people.

Application of RcomplexEB “Krasukha-4”

Due to the secrecy of the complex of military operations, there is very little information. Nevertheless, it is little known that Krasukha-4 is located in the protected area of ​​​​Khmeimim in the hospital, where it is successfully equipped with numerous UAVs of terrorists who tried to smash Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft in parking lots with anti-missiles.

EW complex

In October 2020, during the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, photos of downed Turkish Bayraktar drones without a fire detection investigator were published in the Armenian media. According to experts, to “land” their burial complex of electronic warfare “Krasukha-4”. But since they are not in service with the Armenian Armed Forces, then, in all likelihood, Turkish UAVs were destroyed on the territory of the Russian Federation in Gyumri.

Krasucha-4 blocks its active power channels, boosting the drone and GPS. In summary, without communication, ba orientation, “forgets” Earth.

Source: Tech Cult

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