Pointing out which Superman adaptation is the best or most memorable is probably not referring to the most recent projects. This is ironic given the character’s impact on the entertainment industry. He is one of the most recognizable and beloved superheroes, second only to such figures as Batman and spider man. This is part of the scenario in which it will arrive Superman: Legacy to the DC Extended Universe. will be with James Gunn script and direction movie.

This film will open Chapter I: gods and monstersas the first stage of a new DC Extended Universe. The decision to restart the franchise with one of the most relevant superheroes in comics is a statement of principle. As if James Gunn wanted to say that his project will have a lot of classics and, at the same time, he will explore other, not so recognizable stories. But that they are important within the framework of publications.

Superman: Legacy This will happen after an argument with the person who played the character until recently. Henry Cavill. After his appearance in Black Adam and confirmation by the actor that there will be a sequel iron Man (2013), James Gunn and Peter Safran abandoned these plans. Target? Give a different approach to this franchise.

Superman: Legacy
and what you need to know about it

Part of Superman’s history in the comics changed in 2003 when a new series was published. It was originally known as Superman: by birthright. A story meant to present Clark Kent in a more modern way without getting rid of some of the classic aspects.

After several editions, the story received the title Superman: Legacy. Mark Waidas a writer and Leinil Francis YuBy painting, they have formed a character that has conflict with their interests and identities. At the same time that you want to travel to gain experience as a journalist, you also feel pressured to know that you can do more to solve Earth’s problems.

Superman: Legacy discusses how Clark Kent manages to live in the human world as an alien; explores the inner impulses between a journalist who feels he can help from that place and a person who has different skills and is positioned in the collective imagination as a moral guide.

Its context in the DC Extended Universe

Thinking about the DC Extended Universe, one of the recurring questions was why iron Man it didn’t have a sequel. Production worked. It had an actor who, in general, satisfied both critics and fans. The narrative he was in was promoted through other projects.

Ten years after that premiere, not only has there been no sequel, but the actor has been removed from the franchise and there will be a reorientation of the character. A radical change in the roadmap to open up new horizons. It has not yet been determined who will be the new performer of the role.

Setting that opens chapter I: gods and monstersand given the influence of the character in the comics and in the collective imagination, Superman: Legacy this will partly affect what happens to other productions. In the scenarios mentioned, this origin story will show a younger version of the figure. Something similar to what happened in Batman.

Instead of showing fast transitions and character evolution, it’s about setting the story in a limited time. Thus, describe how a person deals with his own demons. DC is characterized by having superheroes and antiheroes with deeper ethical conflicts than in many Marvel cases. We are following this path, judging by the results of such projects as Batman And jokerThis doesn’t seem like a plan; vice versa.

Premiere Superman: Legacy scheduled for July 11, 2025.

Source: Hiper Textual

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