One of the most commercially successful franchises will return to theaters this year. fast and furious 10. From the beginning, as a story about illegal racing, to the present, this movie saga has mutated into many forms. Result? Millions of dollars were collected at the box office.

VIN dieselmain character fast and furious 10, began with this saga in 2021. More than twenty years after its premiere, the franchise is one of the most solid in the industry, with a clean and solid commitment to entertainment. When it comes to this performance, credibility is not its main value. However, this is part of the licenses that are allowed as film productions.

fast and furious 10 promises to be a journey into the past through life Dominic Toretto, a character played by Vin Diesel. Various events and characters from another time will return to his present to put what he loves most: his family at risk. This will force him to take the wheel again to protect her.

trailer for fast and furious 10

fast and furious 10 has its main antagonist Jason Momoa. His participation in the film connects the story with what happened in Fast and the Furious 5. In this latest production, Dominic Toretto steals a huge fortune from Hernan Reyes, played by Joaquim de Almeida. Detail? Momoa had some sort of relationship with Reyes.


Source: Hiper Textual

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