every chapter Last of us it includes finding references, keeping track of clues related to the game, and other issues related to the HBO adaptation. In this context, one of the aspects that attracts the most attention is the descriptive licenses that the production company allows itself.

One of them is related to the location where a significant part of the fourth episode was filmed. Last of us. These are details that sometimes don’t affect the story as much, but compared to a video game, they generate conversation among fans. It must be borne in mind that, like any adaptation, it is necessary to make changes.

These are projects based on a specific story. But this, because of the format in which they are designed, is complemented by a series of decisions to clarify some aspects. IN Last of us This has happened with characters that have slightly different behaviors, aesthetics, and even endings than in the video game, as well as changing the geographical location of the characters.

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Last of us
and detail during chapter 4 of the series

When Joel MillerPeter Pascal) and Ellie Williams (Bella Ramsey) leave the house (nikofferman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett), go to Kansas as part of your trip. It is there that they are attacked by a group of hunters. In the video game, it takes place in Pittsburgh. This detail, one of such liberties of the story, did not go unnoticed by subscribers and was commented on at various sites.

When it comes to projects of this type, marked by legions of followers around the world, each issue is relevant and can lead to different comments. But there’s a reason behind the decision to stay in Kansas, in the HBO adaptation, as opposed to what the video game suggested. Last of us.

The Last of Us on HBO Max starring Pedro Pascal.

This was developed into the series’ official podcast. in content, Craig Mazin explained the following:

“This Pittsburgh Pittsburgh wasn’t necessarily important. We had certain conditions where we knew we could shoot and it was more like Kansas City.. Literally, I think it was because of that: creating a Pittsburgh vibe in Kansas.”

Craig Mazin.

Added to this Neil Druckmanwho explained the following in relation to the location change:

“Also for the distances and where we wanted them to be on the trip at certain times of the year, because of where the story is going. We wanted it to be closer to the next one that we don’t want to spoil. If we look at a map of Pittsburgh, we see that it was much further away. In the end, this is a superficial change, because it is not so important where it happens, but what happens and the decisions that are made in this city, ”

Neil Druckman.

This decision is marked by preparatory processes. A whole logistics is involved here, which in most cases is alien to the viewer. When Last of usthe change does not imply a betrayal of the events described in the video game, but only a change in the context in which they occur.

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Last of us It is well received by video game fans, who generally find the true story behind the one they played. Meanwhile, the story continues in the footsteps of Joel and Ellie with the recently released fifth chapter available on the HBO Max platform. There will be ten episodes in total, which will make up the series’ first season, confirmed for a second run.

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