trailer for Quick Xsince the tenth part of the saga was named Fast and Furious, left a series of striking images that raised various questions. The most obvious one is related to Paul Walkerknown in storytelling (and in the film industry) as Brian O’Conner, who reappears in previews.

So the logical question is: Will you be part of this story? Paul Walker died in a traffic accident in 2013. He was released two years later. Fast and furious 7, the last issue in which he participated. The ending of this production became one of the viral and emotional hits of 2015. The cult couple was Dominic Toretto (VIN diesel) And Brian O’Conner went different ways.

IN Quick X some of both characters’ pasts will return to the big screen. This may not be the only one. Toretto is being persecuted for what happened in Brazil during Fast and furious 5. In that delivery, Toretto and O’Conner led a group that stole over $100 million from one of the country’s most important drug lords.

It seemed that the rivalry was over at this production, until Quick X arrived to revive the old ghosts of the moment. And also Brian O’Conner?

‘Fast X’: Brian O’Conner’s return?

During the images shown in the trailer Quick X There are no new images associated with the actor. But there is a memory that is quoted in the trailer. Therefore, the suspicion is correct: Is it just an old wink? There is enough technology now to recreate people on the big screen; even in previous installments of the franchise, this possibility was always on the table after the death of an actor, since in the narrative universe Fast and furious still alive.

Talking about it and the reference in the trailer, Total films he consulted with the film’s director, Louis Leterrier. The director had this to say about Brian O’Conner:

“He’s very much alive in the world Fast and furious. At 9 we see him driving the car. This is what is planned. This film jumps between past and present. Brian will be seen in the past, not Brian in the present. This is something everyone should agree on. The Walker family continues to be a very important part of this franchise.”

Louis Leterrier to Total films

It is important for Leterrier to respect the character’s traditions within the saga. This will take you straight to the end of the seventh movie. Of this he said:

“It just has to be the right moment and the right tone. In that sense, I think he did James Wan at the end of 7 it was perfect. Brian should return to the franchise as perfect as he came out.”

Louis Leterrier to Total films.

What will happen in Fast X?

While it clarifies some points, the ambiguous answer leaves almost any possibility open. So, Just waiting for the premiere Quick Xscheduled for May 19Let’s see what happens to one of the most important figures in the franchise. Brian O’Conner can be considered something of a pop icon these days because of the commercial value this movie saga had.

Several characters are integrated into this narrative; up until the return of those who seemed to have died in the previous installments. Fast and furious it started as a story about illegal racing and family. Now the first idea has been superseded by a spectacular one. Those who once chased money and cars now face threats befitting elite combat commandos. The one who continues to miss Paul Walker.

Source: Hiper Textual

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