Week after week, episode after episode Last of us continues to add new audiences to its already huge audience. The series by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin has broken various records since its premiere, but none of them reaches the relevance of what was recently released.

According to data provided by Nielsen, which collects Deadlinepremiere Last of us managed to surpass dragon house on HBO Max.

The aforementioned firm counted the minutes viewed from 16 to 22 January. That is the first week of availability Last of us. A series based on the popular PlayStation video game. scored 837 million minutes of views, while dragon house it remained at the level of 741 million..

Of course, this is an extraordinary figure, which before its release was considered unattainable. The achievement is even more important because it left behind minutes of views – within the first week – of the first episode dragon houseHBO’s flagship product today.

Now Nielsen mentions that you’re just counting HBO Max data. Therefore, it remains to add those generated through direct HBO channels, which are still available in a large part of the world.

With no channel numbers handy, Last of us Between January 16 and 22, it failed to climb too many positions in the top ten most popular series. In fact, the top is dominated, for the most part, by Netflix products:

  1. Ginny and GeorgiaNetflix (1,804 million minutes watched)
  2. It’s a 90’s showNetflix (1.590 million)
  3. the walking DeadNetflix (1.103 million)
  4. Vikings: ValhallaNetflix (975 million)
  5. cocomeloneNetflix (885 million)
  6. Last of usHBO Max (837 million)
  7. WednesdayNetflix (711 million)
  8. BlueyDisney+ (695 million)
  9. maritime policeNetflix (695 million)
  10. criminal mindsvarious platforms (659 million)

Be careful, being in sixth position is not bad news for Last of us, if not vice versa. Because? In the rest of the series featured in the rating, many more episodes are available. Thus, it is possible that users have enjoyed more than one episode, which proportionally increases the number of minutes watched.

Last of us He arrived at this place driven almost entirely by the first chapter—and, according to Nielsen, a few hours into the second.

No less surprising is that premieres of each new chapter Last of us They have more audience than the previous one. This means that more people started watching the series within a week; They caught up with the available episodes and waited to see the new one on Sunday (Monday in Spain).

It’s clear, then, that the series has created enough buzz to keep an audience interested that may not have even known the video game existed. In the end, HBO and Sony’s goal was for the franchise’s popularity to reach a mass audience, and it succeeded.

Source: Hiper Textual

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