Third season The Mandalorian It has not yet been released, and the fourth part has already been confirmed. This represents more than the continuity of history: both Disney How lucasfilm They are betting on what is currently their main entertainment offering. Also one of the most outstanding series in the industry. The news was confirmed by the project manager, John Favreau. It’s not just this saga.

The Mandalorian will be associated with two projects that are in development, Ahsoka And Skeleton Team. This isn’t the first time one story has spawned another in this series. The most recent example Boba Fett book. The end of the second season of the series The Mandalorian was a preface to another production.

From my side, Boba Fett book laid the groundwork for a third season The Mandalorian. The latter is considered an important bridge to promote stories like those mentioned above. This was proposed by Jon Favreau, and below we will detail what is known about those projects that are in the plans for the future.

Third season The Mandalorian arrives in March

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Fourth season The Mandalorian

Third season The Mandalorian It will be released March 1st.. The second part ended with Dean Djarin (Peter Pascal) separating from Grogwith whom he will meet again during Boba Fett book. His adventures are more than entertainment: they support the franchise.

During the first two seasons, The Mandalorian left nods to situations and moments associated with tradition star Wars. It also opened up space for new stories. Therefore, according to Jon Favreau, it was necessary to move the script forward to a fourth season. In statements given to the French TV channel bfmtvthe writer and producer explained the following:

Season 4? Yes, I already wrote. We need to know where we are going to tell a fully formed story. So Dave (Filoni) and I planned it (to work on the fourth part The Mandalorian). Then, slowly, I wrote each episode. I did it in post-production because everything has to be like a sequel and a compact story.”

John Favreau, bfmtv.

This interest in building a coherent story arises in a context in which the movie sagas about star Wars They are far away and various recent projects have failed. Instead of, The Mandalorian Yeah. It makes sense to use it as a vehicle to include characters that could later have a longer duration in certain productions.

future plans

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are the most notable faces The Mandalorian. This series revived the franchise. star Wars and added new followers to the narrative. Both are in constant dialogue regarding the projects to be developed. One of them is AhsokaA spin off.

This is a series inspired by history Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson). The character was introduced in The Mandalorian in the second season. She is a member of the Jedi Order who is in exile. His appearance plays a key role in Din Djarin and Grogru’s journey, as he reveals some of his special abilities to “Mando”. Child.

Ahsoka Written by Dave Filoni and produced by Jon Favreau. It is expected to arrive on the Disney+ platform towards the end of 2023.. Another project in development Skeleton Team, kit. they lead it John Watts And Christopher Fordcreators, and set at the same historical moment as The Mandalorian. There are no other details about him, except that Jude Law is part of the cast.

In statements given Electronic billboardJon Favreau once again insisted on the coherence of the narrative: Ahsoka And Skeleton Team

“We have to make sure we know where we’re going with each episode and stay on top of the calendar with everything that’s happening in the star Wars. We fit in the middle of two films (return of the jedi And The Force Awakens). We need to be clear and aware of what is happening during this 30 year period.“,

John Favreau, Electronic billboard.

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Probably in the third season The Mandalorian make any reference to these projects. Whether or not those winks happen, it’s clear that Mando and Grog’s adventures across the galaxy will have more episodes on the Disney+ platform.

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