Second part of the final season Ozarks. One of the best modern Netflix series, a family drama created in the context of drug trafficking, personal friction and blood. not being a copy breaking Bad, the impact is being felt. His characters at different crossroads transform to fit in and protect each other (or not, as the case may be).

With the end of the series and a constant reference to breaking Badanother version was generated from critics and it is possible that some fanatic will join it: is it possible to do a spin-off on Ozarks? Most likely, it will be a story rich in vivid characters. Something is not clear, whether it is convenient. You risk curling a curl.

This opportunity has been a success Better Kaul Saulspin-off created by star lawyer breaking Bad. When OzarksAt first glance, the character does not seem colorful enough to exploit his story. Might be worth a look at the gray series. Among them, perhaps, there is no more interesting character than Ruth, played by Julia Garner. We are analyzing it.

Ozarks: the value of the human condition

Four seasons on Netflix Ozarks was responsible for creating a narrative universe in which his characters were constantly confronted with their aspirations and the methods used to achieve them. The series offers a collage of families marked by different interests and reputations. Among them, Ruth was the most unique. A cursed family marked by crime and a natural tendency to self-destruct.

In this context Ruth emerged as a man capable of imagining a different future. Although her past preceded hers, she tried to offer a different vision for herself and her family; especially for your cousin, Wyattthat she imagined studying and building the life she never had. This distinctive point of view in relation to your surroundings is a valuable moment to study your family history.

Relations with this or that family member could give rise to different stories; from relationships with who his parents were to a constant pulse with Russ, the father of Wyatt, whom he kills. In the midst of all this, knowing the origin of the impulses for a better future that manifest themselves through the seasons Ozarks. “Ruth” clusters colorful dramatic elements, almost as much as one dares to write a play about her, one of the best characters in the series.

Another option: a couple of Snells

In hindsight, this is an even better alternative than Ruth’s. The girl, due to the character’s age, may have a limited story; perhaps very alien to what the public already knew through Ozarks. In the case of the Snell family, consisting of Darlene D Jacobwhile in the mature stage, other nuances enter the scene.

La cuarta temporada de Ozark está dividida en dos partes

The pair were characterized by a coldness of business conduct, a strict sense of tradition, and a fire-and-blood forged notion of heritage and pride. Could you study how it happened? How did they meet, apart from the references released in the seasons Ozarks? What were the conflicts with those who rested in your garden?

Their backstory, personal and then formed as a couple, also provides an opportunity for storytelling. Unlike Ruth’s night, which could perhaps have been a little less bleak, Darlene and Jacob’s night is a night in which bright details can pop up from time to time. In both cases, they are key characters in the story and that, due to the natural weight of the protagonists, they could not have developed even more than was effectively presented. If you want to expand the universe OzarksThey can be a starting point.

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