Part of the porn industry arose out of obscurity, and prostitution became one of the epicenters of what is now known as “adult content“. This story has been told with some fictional elements in deuce, an HBO series. This could be a starting point for understanding much of what is described in Deep Down: The Story of PornHubNetflix documentary.

The title makes clear its intentions: it’s about digging into the foundations of the world’s leading adult content website. This trip requires a contrast of times. PornHub appeared in a context when porn was already on the Internet, after consumers migrated to computers, gradually leaving video clubs and magazines behind.

The difference of this site was that thanks to its positioning on the network, it managed to stand out from the rest. Deep Down: The Story of PornHub He quickly describes this stage and begins to count the various impulses that the brand has withstood thanks to its security criteria and filters. If this were a classic movie, the gist of this story would be complaints about child pornography and the downloading of erotic content without the permission of the person involved (usually women).

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Deep Down: The Story of PornHub

To the Bottom: The Story of PornHub is a documentary with a formal structure. It features various people involved in the porn industry, from actors to screenwriters, going through a vision of businessmen connected to the business. Without abusing morbidity or vulgarity, complex issues (such as child pornography) are touched upon and there is a corresponding diversity of opinion. Its main value lies in its narrative approach. It talks about a specific case that serves to raise other issues related to the industry, such as consent and safety.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Deep Down: The Story of PornHub,
look at the porn industry

The growth of PornHub has allowed many users to post content anonymously on the company-operated platform. smart ass. Thus, child pornography or videos recorded in an intimate context could be uploaded and then published without consent. It should be remembered that in both cases, among several described in the documentary, this is considered a crime.

What happens then? Although PornHub was not directly related to this content, it was a space where it was distributed through views the brand generates economic income. His place in the equation seemed to be passive, when in fact it wasn’t. Deep Down: The Story of PornHub describes how the platform’s security filters weren’t as effective and the steps it took after the scandal.

At the center of this dispute, which has escalated in different sectors of American society, are actresses and actors. They found a way to generate income on the platform apart from their work with adult content studios. Deep Down: The Story of PornHub offers an industry perspective that hears multiple voices. This is important in any documentary. He does this without being overt and without arousing the viewer’s curiosity. This is a production about porn without insults and vulgarity.

Unlike other key production in this sense, Rocco (2016) – dedicated exclusively to history Rocco Siffredi—, Deep Down: The Story of PornHub add more votes to the discussion. On the other hand, the documentary Netflix able to go beyond the aesthetic canon set in adult content by adding actresses such as Gwen loves. Those aspects that could be considered “formal” improve production.


Underneath is the history of PornHub, from Netflix, a critique of a porn documentary

While these are not the only sources that can be cited on the subject, deuce And Rocco are two of the most recognizable. Deep Down: The Story of PornHub can serve as a bridge between the series and another documentary. At the same time, the point of the narrative from which it begins is different. The first has fictitious details and goes back to a distant time (historical background). Secondly, this is a very personal vision of pornography (perhaps self-centered).

From my side, Deep Down: The Story of PornHub It has a research focus and global intent. Linking this point of view to the advent of OnlyFans provides a valuable degree of relevance. Actresses and porn actors inside USAThese are other employees. In an interview for Viceactress Antonella Alonso He said, “Just like a person goes to the office because he is a lawyer, I go to the set. I’m an actress, it’s a legal job, I pay taxes. They pay me by checks, not cash.

Role OnlyFans

Those who participate in Deep Down: The Story of PornHub return to this idea. One that describes more than just work practices. The growth of OnlyFans, like PornHub at the time, changed the business. Because? Because it gave a greater degree of independence to the actors. In this detail lies the importance of extending the documentary to this other platform without leaving aside the complaints that have been raised.

Deep Down: The Story of PornHub It has a classic structure related to its format. Narrative decision about do not use the soreness associated with pornbut to be interested in a more humane and commercial phase is a success. It may not entertain the viewer so much that he aspires to something else, but this is already a matter of who is watching and his expectations. While not a memorable production, it is useful in the current context, with various platforms associated with sex and the cult of the image, which has been lived for years.

Deep Down: The Story of PornHub Available on Netflix starting March 15th.

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