First season Last of usfrom HBO and available on HBO Max, It showed that a video game adaptation could be respectful and support an independent spirit. Directed by Craig Mazin, the production told the story of America devastated by the apocalypse in an adult and realistic tone. He Joel performed by Pedro Pascal became the embodiment of a tragic anti-hero, and Ellie embodied by Bella Ramsey, she did it in the face of a generation born from the ashes.

Between them, a story dreamed up by Craig Mazin explores a scene shattered by the tragedies of its protagonists. Criticized and praised with almost equal enthusiasm, it demonstrated the possibilities of material that was already considered new at its launch in 2013. Last of us it’s much more than storytelling based on bloody scenes, lurking monsters, and apparent on-screen deaths.

The series’ production team decided to show the survivors with their dark and light shades. Which led to a solid argument that extends to different scenarios. From kindness to perversion of faith. Last of us he was able to capture the attention of even an audience unfamiliar with the source material.

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unanswered questions in Last of us

The question that arises now that the first batch Last of us ended, here’s what to expect from its second season. Neil Druckmann and Greig Mazin announced that it will be based on the events of the second part of the game, which began shipping in 2020. But, contrary to what was intended, it won’t cover them completely, instead the narrative will be split over more than one season.

The producers also noted that the story on TV would be significantly different from the content it came from. Does this mean that the final fate of the characters will be different from what is shown in the game? What narrative twists in well-known source material will make it to the small screen?

For now, and judging by the shocking final scene of his season finale, Joel’s decision will go a long way in the development of the show’s second season. Last of us. From covering up the murders he committed to saving Ellieto prevent the girl from being used as lab material in search of a possible cure. In the game, the revelation causes a rift between the man and his protégé. Will it be the same in your adaptation?

If so, then the events will unfold just like in Neil Druckmann’s story, in which the distance between them is an important fact. As you change how you Ellie the purpose of their life is perceived and understood. New episodes Last of us they will explore the evolution of the father-daughter relationship. Also exposing Joel’s performance in the field hospital Fireflies. Will it be as big a mystery as being at the center of the show’s second season?

The Last of Us season 2 confirmed

Anything that could mean a complete change in history

If yes, then most likely the second season Last of us focus on the aftermath of Joel’s attack on the sabotage group. Which no doubt includes as far as context is concerned abbythe central character of the gaming world and one of the most controversial in pop culture.

in classic playful puppy, abby this is the doctor’s daughter Joel shoots in the operating room of Las Luciernagas hospital. This forces her to undertake a persistent search for the criminal, and then take revenge. This could have been added to the plot of the series as a consequence of everything that caused the performance Joel by saving Ellie. The most critical uncertainty is whether the adaptation will include the character’s pivotal moment in season two. Well, driven by rage and pain abby ends in murder Joel after being tortured.

What will happen to Joel in the second season of The Last of Us?
Pedro Pascal and Anna Torv in Last of ustelevision adaptation of the game Naughty Dog.

Will the HBO production do without Pedro Pascal, who has already become an important element in Last of us? For now, Neil Druckmann insists that the events of the second season adaptation will be different from the events described in the video game. Which perhaps means that although abby integrate into the plot without killing one of the main characters. A decision that would completely undermine the integrity of the series, based mainly on inevitable violence, moral decisions, and irreparable losses.

Abby’s role in the second season Last of us

Not reaching the highest point of his revenge, abby will lose fundamental weight in history. However, the script Last of us can make it part of the process Ellie understand his most cruel side.

This nuance in the behavior of the young protagonist was already considered in the eighth chapter, when she killed David (Scott Shepherd), leader of a cannibal cult. In his video game version Ellie haunts abby, who decided to commit suicide after Joel’s death. At the same time, the more sinister and volatile side of his personality is carefully explored.

However, she eventually forgives her enemy, realizing that her adoptive father’s legacy is much stronger than her need for aggressive justification. How could this important plot twist carry over into the second season? Last of us apart from death Joel?

And what would be much more difficult how to understand abby without his dramatic evolution after the death of his father? Until now, Last of us It has the distinction of capturing the essence of the video game without compromising its quality as a derivative story. A decision as relevant as avoiding the central event would turn the adaptation into a narrative very different from the original.

Tommy, a character who could have been taller in Season 2.

Series Last of us So far I have shown only two versions of my brother Joel, played by actor Gabriel Luna. Quite young, in full night flight in the first episode, and another, more mature, in the sixth. So he is married to Maria (Rutina Wesley) and is a resident of Jackson, the peaceful secret enclave they will reside in. Joel And Ellie.

By the second season, the character should have more involvement in the central events of the plot. Especially if Joel’s death and subsequent persecution occurs. abby To Ellie. If this critical element is changed in the argument, it is most likely that the approach Last of us explore in your life beyond violence. Tommy He managed to start a family with Maria, and if his brother eventually integrates into their little community, the narrative will strengthen the bond that brings them together.

Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us

But is such a perspective enough for a figure who was largely determined by the death of his brother? Until now, Tommy it was only part of a larger story in which Joel This is the center of events. In both the video game and the series, the relationship between the two becomes more important as more complex and complex events are connected.

In the HBO version Last of usthis is the younger brother Joel the one who listens to the latter confesses his trauma due to death Sarah (Nico Parker) and her fear of not being able to protect Ellie. Their appearance in the second season will largely depend on survival Joel and how to analyze it Ellie and his environment. So it is not entirely clear what will happen to Tommy in continued production.

Last of us and an ending that divided the audience

Will it be a TV adaptation Last of us a chance to give another ending to the controversial sequel to the original game? Since its release, the completion of the journey through the apocalyptic world has left a significant number of players unsatisfied.

Since death Joel open closing with Ellie Isolated and pointing fingers, the game was accused of betraying its essence and leading beloved characters to unfinished scenarios. Also to create with abby a symbol of dystopian violence, with no concept leading anywhere to the end.

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Some of the changes announced for the second season of its TV adaptation could add a new tour to its more controversial elements. Like what Ellie don’t fall victim to a story that overwhelms you or abby like a random survivor. Is Neil Druckmann planning to explore new motivations for his characters? Probably yes. Even if it means rewriting the fundamental history of pop culture.

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