victoria alonsowho has produced every single film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its first installment, Hombre de Hierro in 2008, left Marvel Studios. According to him Hollywood Reporter His last day was last Friday, March 17, and the reasons for his departure are not clear or disclosed.

For 17 years, Victoria Alonso has been one of the three most important executives at Marvel Studios, along with Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito. Under his leadership, more than forty productions have been developed, including films, TV series, short films and special issues. In addition, she was actively involved in the negotiations that led to the acquisition of the studio by Disney, and as of 2021, she is the President of Physical Post-Production, Visual Effects and Animation.

Alonso joined Marvel Studios in 2006 as head of visual effects. She kept the name of her production company until the premiere. Avengers in 2012 when she was named CEO. He was directly responsible for the film’s success and for demonstrating the viability of cinematic universes.

In addition to working with Marvel Studios, she was the film’s producer. Argentina, 1985nominated for an Oscar for Best International Film.

Victoria Alonso’s departure from Marvel Studios took Hollywood by surprise and will have a profound effect on Marvel Studios. It is assumed that part of the reason is related to the poor performance of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in its fourth phase. Premiere Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania It didn’t have the desired effect, further fueling criticism, and box office returns far below those expected from productions based on the franchise.

Argentine in Hollywood

victoria alonso He was born in La Plata, Argentina. At the age of 15, after a study trip, he completed an internship at Paramount Studios in the USA. After returning to her hometown and graduating, she traveled to Seattle in search of an acting career. There she studied theater and received a degree in psychology from the University of Washington. After living in San Francisco, he landed in Los Angeles, where his career was on a meteoric rise.

She began working behind the scenes as an assistant producer, then worked as a visual effects producer for James Cameron’s Digital Domain. He has appeared in films such as big fish, Like dogs and cats, Like it was the first time or Kingdom of heaven in visual effects production. Then he went to Marvel Studios.

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