John Wick 4 doing well at the box office, adding $137 million on its first weekend worldwide, and also received positive reviews. This collection, a ticketing product, is the best of the entire saga so far. It should be remembered that initially John Wick It arose almost as a test, a bet in which there was faith, but perhaps not so much.

That first issue, director Chad Stahelski, never made it to theaters in some countries and went straight to DVD. The film caused a stir among fans of action films. It was a film with a well-known but unnoticed protagonist, which explored the underworld of hitmen who tried to earn a living (or not lose it) with blows and shots. John Wick 2 he repeated the steps of the first, giving more flight to whatever worked in this one as the story continued to develop.

WITH John Wick 3the franchise was no longer hidden. Keanu Reeves, as the protagonist, was naturally associated with the character. His figure over the years has become a modern standard. One of the key aspects of success is the violence and the number of deaths that occur in each film. About the recent premiere John Wick 4you can specify how many corpses he left”Baba Yagaon his trail.

A trail of death and bullets: how many people did John Wick kill?

John Wick laid down his arms to memorialize his wife and take care of his dog. But he returned to them, seeking revenge, after killing his pet. In this context, perhaps one of the most representative images of the franchise. John Wick be the one in which “Baba Yaga” starts to break the concrete floor in her house and digs out her personal artillery.

John Wick directed by Chad Stahelski

This was the beginning of a huge amount of weapons that passed through their hands and accumulated mountains of corpses. Literally. According to the calculation made fandomBetween the first and third parts, John Wick killed 302 people. Three productions yield an average of 100 kills per film.

But the data doesn’t end there. According to the above media, there are other interesting things to take into account before you watch. John Wick 4:

  • During the first three productions John Wick used 11 costumes.
  • John Wick 2 is the movie in which he killed the most people, without taking into account John Wick 4: total 123 kills.
  • What is the average number of kills per minute between the first and third parts? it’s 1.17.

In statistics, one of the most surprising data is the percentage of murders caused by headshots: 70%.

What weapons did you use in the first three films?

fandom He also recorded the resources used by such an action movie anti-hero. They are the following:

  • John Wick used, from the first to the third film, 26 different types of firearms, both short and long.
  • What about penetrating weapons? looking for revenge John Wick used, in addition to pencils, swords and knives, 22 types of such resources..
  • In addition to these means of killing, John Wick was also killed by a book and a horse.

What does he bring John Wick 4?

More of the same, with an update in terms of storytelling tension. A number of characters appear that allow us to tell part of the protagonist’s past.. As usual, he must surrender to his hands in order to try to gain freedom without losing his life in the process. As for the three previous films, John Wick 4 maximizes several of the stakes featured in this trilogy, such as violence and staging, while emphasizing the use of color and action choreography.

Because they didn’t have to explain anything and they have a fan base that knows what they’re getting into, John Wick 4 naturally develops along its own axes: the search for its main character and the interests of others. In that sense, as if it were a game of chess, there are always movements going on in this saga. Also a number of statistics that allow us to assess how brutal it was.

Source: Hiper Textual

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