Wildberries will reduce fees for some of the new order pick-up points (POIs) opening in close proximity to existing ones. This proposal was made by the owners of the collection point, who are losing income due to high competition.

Wildberries will test a range of differentiated rates for new collection points

Representatives of the Wildberries market spoke with the owners of the collection point and decided to introduce a system of differentiated rates. RB.RU found out about this in Wildberries.

The owners of the existing collection points complained that new collection points are opening in the vicinity of them, thus reducing the flow of customers and the income of the former.

“In addition, cases of unfair competition from a number of opening points are not uncommon, leading to losses,” Wildberries said.

Wildberries noted that the self-delivery market is “very overheated” but stressed that they support healthy competition.

The new system will work in pilot mode. Based on the results of its work, Wildberries will receive feedback from the owners of the new and “old” collection points.

In March Wild Blackberries inserted a new system of fines, according to which the owners of the collection points began carry the cost of goods that turned out to be defective or not corresponding to the orders. In response to this, several PVZ owners organized strike, several collection points were closed, but later conflict was established.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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