If something cleared up Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania The thing is Kang the conqueror he is more than a villain. It is the center of a story that spans multiple universes, historical periods, and character versions. This is an original look not only at the concept of the multiverse, which is central to the new phase of the saga, but also at how the figure of evil can be connected to numerous characters and stories. Dimensional and Reality Traveler could be the crossroads of several central Marvel scenarios in the future.

During the fourth phase, Thanos he became a menacing presence whose importance grew from film to film. From my side, Caen may have a version in each of the upcoming Marvel storylines. One of the big novelties of the enigmatic figure played by Jonathan Majors is the many incarnations of him. The post-credits scenes of the Peyton Reed tape showed that the villain is an expert in the field of space-time. Which allowed him to combine with his hundreds of variations across numerous timelines and find a way to use each version of himself for a specific purpose.

In future feature films, Kang (or any of his incarnations) will likely take on the role of the hero of the day. We will tell you in what scenarios Marvel can be directly affected by the presence of a multiverse traveler. An opportunity that will make the character a link to different stories and a common enemy of dozens of franchise heroes.

The Fantastic Four is a likely Marvel scenario involving Kang the Conqueror.

The iconic family is about to hit Marvel Cinematic Universe. After years of speculation about live action Of the classic characters, Kevin Feige seems to have found the perfect formula. While it hasn’t been revealed what the plans are, one thing is clear: the project will add a Phase 5 villain to its story. Cause? He is a distant descendant of his father Reed Richardswhich turns out to be the perfect excuse to turn the next Fantastic Four project into one of the Marvel scenarios for Kang to do his own thing.

In the comic we find the circumstances surrounding Caenincluding which version was the first to discover the properties of the multiverse. Nathaniel Richards a 23rd century scientist who manages to manipulate the properties of space and time. Which gives him the ability to travel between realities, seize power and delay death. But his privileged intelligence is not an accidental element. It’s part of a family heritage going back to Mister Fantastic, the founding superhero and member of the Illuminati.

Actually, Caen was introduced to the franchise’s universe fantastic Four number 19, since 1963, in its incarnation Rama-Tut. The figure of the villain in Egyptian attire appeared in the scenes after the credits of the third part ant-man. It could hardly be a coincidence, fantastic Four one of Marvel’s major projects.

second season villain Loki

New chapters expected Loki define the rules of the multiverse in detail. They also show the level of participation Interim Amendment Authority (TVA) in future events. Although at the moment the plot of the next part is unknown and which antagonist the god of Asgard will face.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania, Marvel's measures to revive the franchise

However, the second scene after the credits Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania indicates that he will be the villain of the season Caen, making the series the second Marvel script to be influenced by the character. Movie bonus episode shows Victor Timely, a version of the character who founded the city and found a mechanism to avoid aging. A man performs a magical act while Loki And Mobius they’re looking at you, which indicates that the new episodes will focus on finding the incarnations of the evil interdimensional traveller.

At the same time, more than one personality of the mysterious figure could appear in the production. At the end of the season TVA official Ravonna Renslayer He went in search of the creator of the agency. Then Sylvie Lafeidottir slain “He Who Remains”, most likely her journey will lead her, as happens in the comics, to find Rama-Tut.

In the comics, a controversial figure was the king’s daughter. Kareliaruler of a 40th century kingdom defeated Caen. Their history is long, complicated and includes dozens of betrayals and clashes. However, in the end, the character becomes the lover of the conqueror of his people, ruled Chronopolis and joins the variant of the villain who tried to dominate the Ancient Egyptian. Coincidentally, the same one that appeared in the first additional closing scene of the Ant-Man trilogy.

Kang, an old enemy of magic in various Marvel settings

In the comic Stephen Strange faced many times Caen. However, in live action, the battle can be more difficult. At the moment, both characters do not know each other. But former High Warlock He is responsible for maintaining the order of the multiverse and understanding its scope. So this Marvel setting seems destined to be a dimensional-spanning flashpoint.

Kang the Conqueror, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania

IN Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness it was hinted that her main character could become a threat to multiple realities. Could the same thing happen in another timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? A chain of similar events would sooner or later lead him to stumble on any of the options. Caen. Perhaps with the advice of the characters, which showed the first scene after the credits of the film, Peyton Reed, fearful of the Avengers meddling in the multiverse.

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Rumor has it that the third Doctor Strange In progress, Caen may be your enemy. What would bring both characters from the dark dimension to Chronopolisthe realm of the villain and the source of part of his power.

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