Deborah Vance was famous for her sense of humor, but no more. Or at least not as much as it used to be in Las Vegas’ increasingly complex entertainment ecosystem. Ava knows she can help her, and she will try to do it with all the playful swagger of a nonchalant millennial. But on the way both women must understand that there is something more difficult in making people laugh. Or even harder than the life that surrounds them, the expectations and fears of both, harder than failure and triumph. Second season Khaki HBO Max keeps its premise intact.

In an interesting and brilliant move, he takes her to a dimension bordering on drama and not only about her characters. At the same time, it includes an idea of ​​the atmosphere that surrounds them, and of the turbulent inner world that surrounds them.

First season Khaki It was one of the biggest surprises of 2021. It not only became the opening of the awards season. Also in one of the most curious programs in the HBO Max catalog. With its combination of humour, drama, satire and finally a painful reflection on modern loneliness, Khaki astonishment. The big question then was whether his second season would have all the sensibility of the first chapters. Or, at any rate, if she could keep up with the tongue-in-cheek jokes and high-profile existentialist musings that made her famous.

Routine of laughter and tears, Khaki in its purest form

With two premiere chapters Khaki shows that he is back in great shape. At the same time, Deborah Vance’s idiosyncratic portrait becomes more complex, powerful, and endearing. This story of old age, the search for purpose, but especially the modern fear of anonymity, nurtures its characters. And it does since the argument includes various interesting points of its main plot. A teasing dialogue between Vance and Ava, a comedy writer looking for his place in a world that has become richer and darker.

What may seem like one of many stories based on character chemistry is actually something more curious. On this occasion, Khaki does not try to talk about the sorrows of loneliness and spiritual defeat. Rather, he focuses his best narrative weapons and quick dialogues on clearing things up. The series wants to dive into its strange landscape of youth and old age, triumph and failure.

To do this too, between two annoying, complex characters who maintain a strong, almost emotional connection. And “almost” because Khaki nothing is what it seems, what they try to understand, and even more so what it may seem under his vicious jokes. The series patiently establishes its ideas and allows the characters to showcase them in a rare sense of witty set design. Deborah needs to update her repertoire and she knows she has to. Ava is sure he can help her. But there is something humiliating and painful about this witness pass. A belated and complex evolution of what Deborah has been for most of her life. And, no doubt, something that he will have to leave behind for his new tour.

But what may seem like a simple argument is actually a distortion of the symbolism of Deborah’s humor as the common thread of her life. Off and on stage, the character is extraordinary. The character is a journey through adult defeat, uncertainty and worry about the future. Ava, on the other hand, is once again an element that supports the larger picture of what’s in store for Deborah. Will the latter dare to face it? The series poses the question of pain and humor. An original combination that the series handles with dazzling skill.

back to the roads

Second season Khaki explores preparations for Deborah’s national tour, details of Ava’s mourning for her father. And between that and another condition that both characters need a jump into the void. They will, in the form of a sudden and extravagant decision. How much can one learn from another in an inexplicable situation? Maybe taking a bus and driving across the country is the answer.

So the second season Khaki it is an inner and outer journey. The unity between the potholes, the idea of ​​a transit country, the state of overcoming old and new problems. Like the unclassifiable series that is this journey into the unknown Khaki, is also the journey of his characters through their wounded spaces. And special beauty and strength. There is laughterKhaki it’s the perfect humorous structure— but this time the drama is deeper. And between them, there’s a whole new story – unexpected and unique – that needs to be told. Perhaps its greatest quality is the continuation of an amazing story.

Source: Hiper Textual

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