There are two things you need to know about She-Hulk in the comic before enjoying the series live on Disney+. First, her alter ego Jennifer Walters is actually related to Bruce Banner. And secondly, that he is considered to be one of the most fun, experimental, and daring Marvel characters. With a mix of both, the series that bears his name and airs on August 17 seems to be a paradigm-breaking production. Or at least most of those that have been part of the Marvel platform series so far.

WandaVision D Falcon and Winter Soldier It was drama Loki pure science fiction. On the other side, Hawkeye action and moon knight adventure with a complex psychological section. But she is the hulk more like a comedy. And not a mocking satire on the world of superheroes – which, by the way, has always been a comic book character – but something intriguing. In its first trailer, the series has made it clear that it will be playing with a few traditional elements of its original story. Also that it will go through new locations for the Marvel series. mockingly, almost parodic, she is the hulk he has all the resources to take all sorts of plot risks and succeed.

But while it may seem like a response to the success of an increasingly crowded Marvel superhero universe, She-Hulk has a standout comic book history. And it was almost inevitable that the character would end up in live action eventually. We’ll give you three reasons why She-Hulk could be the character that will redefine the Marvel series. And, without a doubt, one that will make it clear that in the world of comics, he still has many surprises to offer.

She-Hulk has a strange origin

The character was born from a strange series of mergers. In 1980 the series The incredible Hulk It was a television success. So much so that CBS began considering keeping the character’s license. This is despite the fact that Marvel still held the rights to both Bruce Banner and everything related to his context.

But the channel began to work on the possibility of creating a character similar to the original, and bypassing the copyright of the publisher. One of the concepts that was implemented was to directly change the Hulk’s gender and thus create an alternate history. The project began in secret, but Marvel learned of CBS’ intentions and decided to take matters into their own hands. So the publisher created She-Hulk, which was a possible concept for a female Hulk. He did this with his title: Wild She-Hulkpublished in February 1980 and signed by Stan Lee.

The story ran for 25 issues and ended in March 1982. But what started as an experiment driven by the desire to preserve copyright, became a hit. So after appearing in various adventures in as many storylines, the character got his own series in 1989. Sensational She-Hulk In fact, this is the most famous version of the character that gave him his distinctive features. In particular, his strong character and strange sense of humor.

A year later, it was published in the same series, under a double number. She-Hulk: The Ceremony which was a resounding success and showed the capabilities of the character. For the first time, the possibility of his stories without adding his direct connection to the Hulk was considered. Sensational She-Hulk it reached number 60 in 1994 and became the character’s longest story. In addition, it was a journey through their own mythology and history. Part of his curious personality – and especially his tendency to break the fourth wall – comes from this time.

After the cancellation of this second series, She-Hulk he has made guest appearances on issues of significant interest in Marvel history. From the famous Marvel Fanfare (1989) to the fourth volume of Avengers Unplugged (1996). The character has had remarkable growth, in addition to a special transformation that included adding his own enemies and conflicts to his story. In 2002, he appeared on Thing and She-Hulk: The Long Night and he returned to get his own series, canceled in 2005.

She is actually related to Bruce Banner.

'She-Hulk: Abogada Hulka' | Tráiler oficial | Disney+

She-Hulk is the alter ego of Jennifer Walters, cousin of Bruce Banner. She is a successful lawyer (hence the title of the series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law) and also has a legal family. In the comics, her father is Los Angeles County Sheriff William Walters.

The family has a tragic history. The bailiff is the sworn enemy of the dangerous criminal Nicholas Trask. The latter tried to kill him when Jennifer was 17 years old. A violent event during which Elaine Banner Walters, wife of the future She-Hulk, was killed. Jennifer was hurt and that’s when her story intersects with that of Bruce Banner.

The scientist was visiting his family and was forced to donate blood to save the life of his relative. In the comic, all of the above happens relatively recently in Bruce’s experiments with gamma rays. So what started out as a spare resource became a way for him to pass on his abilities to Jennifer. Or at least a less aggressive and much easier to manage version.

One power, one connection, many jokes

The transfusion caused Jennifer to acquire most of Bruce’s abilities, though in in a relaxed, controlled and more sophisticated way. And although they have a common trait that they transform because of their emotions, Jennifer is able to do it at will. In fact, one of her most striking traits is that the transformation into her green alter ego is painless for Jennifer. Much less traumatic or violent. In fact, he ends up doing it at will and keeps his normal personality intact.

But despite her differences, She-Hulk shares most of her powers with her illustrious cousin. From strength to agility, reflexes, jumping and endurance, Jennifer is an improved and more accurate version of the Hulk.. In the comics, she also has the gift of telepathy, making her a worthy opponent. You keep it in your version live action?

She-Hulk is a character whose tone is much more humorous and light-hearted than that of the Hulk. In fact, one of his most recurring characteristics is breaking the fourth wall. She is also known for her personal life, which the Disney+ series will apparently show to some extent. Curious data? His story intersects with that of Matt Murdock/Daredevil, as well as that of StarFox/Eros, the Eternal played by Harry Styles. Will both comeos in the series?

For now, it’s clear that the Disney+ adaptation will retain its extravagant and tongue-in-cheek tone. Which will no doubt give the show a very different tone than the rest of the Marvel series on the platform. Good news for all fans of the popular character on paper.

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