The latest iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are truly impressive, yes: but they cost a fortune, especially if you want it to have a good amount of internal storage – it can cost up to $1,600 in the US and other countries. countries it may even cost more.

Is it really worth that much? This is a question many people ask, and we always try to contextualize the answer. These are amazing phones, but are they really what you need? It turns out that there are phones from two, three, and even four years ago that are still very good because their operating system continues to be updated and can basically do much of what the newer models can boast of. from. For this reason, there are businesses that repair mobile phones, and they do it very well. And the best part is that you can get a great iPhone without breaking the bank.

Have I considered buy refurbished iPhone?In the following guide we will explain everything you need to know.

What is a refurbished or refurbished iPhone?

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Since the term “refurbished” covers so many different scenarios, it’s important to take the time to understand what you’re buying. A refurbished or refurbished iPhone is one that has been tested by the manufacturer or dealer and repaired if necessary. It should be under warranty but may be missing original packaging or accessories and may have some signs of cosmetic damage.

Some refurbished iPhones will be devices that owners returned because they were faulty or because they simply decided they didn’t need them. Others will be used and then sold by the owner back to the dealer, perhaps as the basis for a new model.

To help buyers understand the difference, a rating system is often used. The exact values ​​may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer or dealer to dealer, so we recommend reading the lists carefully, but these are generally accepted definitions:

• Excellent rating: almost perfect, the iPhone should look like new.
• Grade B: minor cosmetic damage such as light scratches or small marks.
• Grade C: Looks used, with obvious signs of wear.

You can find deals on refurbished iPhones from a wide variety of stores and phone companies, and there are many online services that buy used iPhones and refurbish them for sale. Additionally, in some countries, including the US, you can purchase refurbished iPhones directly from Apple.

Here are some of the best options for buying a used iPhone, along with the pros and cons you should consider.

Best places to shop

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Buy a refurbished Apple iPhone.

What better place to buy a refurbished iPhone than Apple? All phones are fully tested and working. They come with a new battery installed, a new outer casing and a crisp white box. You will receive a 12 month warranty; Apple support is generally excellent if you run into any problems.

The downside to shopping at Apple is that the discounts tend to be pretty basic. You can save as little as $50 compared to a new device.

Buy a refurbished iPhone from a store.

Large stores like Walmart and Best Buy offer a wide variety of refurbished iPhones and usually offer higher discounts than the manufacturer. The phones they sell online or in their stores are fully tested and usually come with a cable and charger, but they don’t come with a replacement battery or external casing like Apple offers, so expect scratches and other signs of wear and tear. A 12-month warranty is standard, but it may be offered by a third party rather than the store itself. Sometimes you can get additional discounts if you pick up your iPhone at a local store rather than ordering it online. This can also be handy if you need to return it for some reason, but check the terms of the warranty to make sure you can return it to the store where you bought it if something goes wrong. For example, Best Buy uses a CCR warranty and you should contact them with any questions.

Buy a refurbished iPhone from an online service

There are several online services such as Gazelle, Decluttr and Back Market that buy iPhones from people, repair them and then sell them. Here you will often find larger discounts than those offered by the manufacturer or big box stores, but all equipment is shipped by mail since these services do not have physical locations that you can visit.

These online services offer tested and repaired iPhones and provide information about the condition of the device you want to buy, but the details of their terms vary. For example, Decluttr offers a 12-month warranty, while Back Market offers a 6-month warranty. With Gazelle, you have 30 days to change your mind and return shipping costs are covered.

Buy a refurbished iPhone from your phone company.

Phone companies tend to prefer the term “certified pre-owned” for their refurbished products, but it means the same thing: the companies fully test used iPhones and repair them if necessary. You will receive a charger with each, but it may show signs of wear.

The discounts won’t be as good unless you buy an older device. There may be some customer incentives and offers available and you will be able to pick up and return the units in store, but the warranty is usually limited to 90 days.

Buy a refurbished cell phone from a repair shop.

There are thousands of repair shops everywhere. Almost all of them sell used phones as part of their core business. If you want to support small businesses, call your local repair shop and ask about purchasing a refurbished iPhone. The best ones will offer you a good warranty and return period for your new device.

Best time to buy

Apple Event September 2023
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Most people get rid of their old iPhones when Apple releases its new products (which usually happens in September each year), so you’ll likely find the best deals between August and October. Prices are influenced by many factors and fluctuate daily, so it’s worth comparing numbers and options to find the best deal.

Always check the warranty

We invite you to make sure that the cost of the device you are about to purchase is indeed much more favorable than the cost of a new phone. You should also know its characteristics and compatibility. For example, a refurbished model older than the iPhone 12 will not support Wi-Fi 6 or 5G.

Choosing the right iPhone is about more than just being satisfied with price and condition; You should check the details of the warranty offered. If your refurbished iPhone has a problem, a good warranty will allow you to get a replacement or refund. We recommend looking for one that is at least 12 months old, make sure you understand what the warranty covers and consider who is responsible: the store, retailer, manufacturer or third party company as this is what you will be dealing with. if something goes wrong.

Keep in mind that even if you can return your iPhone for a replacement or refund, you’ll likely have to pay shipping. You should also consider customer reviews of the service you’re considering using so you can find out first-hand what other people’s experiences have been like and what kind of customer service you can expect if you need it.

Now that you know how to buy a refurbished iPhone, you’re ready to score a good deal. Good luck!

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