And suddenly the ending, seen dozens of times, changes. So it is with the covers of some books and their stories; with old scenes in which the smoke interfered with good face recognition. Or segments of sex that can be interpreted ambiguously. also happened with Noah’s diaryperhaps one of the most famous modern novels in cinema.

kiss between Rachel McAdams D Ryan Gosling It’s part of the pop culture of many people. Through them, Noah’s diary tells a love story that overcomes difficulties, the passage of time and even clings to itself when death appears on the threshold. All this did not cause complaints, at the time.

But these days, it can be seen as romantic love, not so comfortable. Some parts of the film may be considered toxic, depending on who is watching it; others, perhaps, will take them only as scenes typical of sentimental relationships: tension is part of coexistence. Perhaps it was this conflict between present and past visions that caused the end Noah’s diary different from original production.

Noah’s diary and its end: what happened?

The film was released in 2004, almost twenty years ago. Between its launch and the present, different points of view on artistic creation and content are in question. At that time, and perhaps now, Noah’s diary it ended with the main characters hugging on the bed, suggesting to the viewer that they should think they were dying together.

Considering the whole story in which they go from love to summer to love to life, it resonates with a made up story. The license for the work, in addition to being based on the book of the same name written by Nicholas Sparks. However, this ending, a key one in the production and, perhaps, in the romantic cinema of those years, was changed.

According to information from Collider, Netflix UK offers an alternative version of this ending. How? The camera pans out to capture the birds flying over the lake. In addition to the effect this may have on viewers who want to watch the film again, who may miss it, it also affects new audiences: this is not the original ending, and therefore the work changes.

possible explanation

In times of abolition and revision of the past, which in many cases is done with the intention of changing it according to the current criterion, ignoring the moment when the work was created, it is possible that changing the end Noah’s diary respond to this trend. The death of the protagonists can be understood as a kind of poisonous love, which comes to the point that, under the pretense of this love, both eventually annul their individuality.. Another possible reading is that love and relationships transcend tangible issues when in fact it is convenient to view them in a less idyllic way.

Being a film that can attract a younger audience, it is fair to suspect that the ending of this style may seem abrupt. However, the denial of fate, the death of everyone before the act of protection is a gesture of stupidity. Even outside of these interpretations, the intervention of the work, apart from its quality and the preferences that may be associated with it, consists in interfering with the creative process developing at a certain moment, according to this time or the conceptual interests of the participants. With the feeling that Noah’s diary won’t be the last victim.

Source: Hiper Textual

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