Jeff Bridges does not preclude a rethinking of the role Dudeperhaps one of the most representative of his career, in a possible sequel big lebowski. While the actor loves the idea, there is a key condition for making it happen: Joel and Ethan Coen will lead the project. Those, in turn, could already work on the proposal.

big lebowski (1998) is one of the brothers’ most famous films. Through this work, Jeff Bridges, probably one of the most prestigious actors on the scene today, partly adopted his method and vision. The result is a kind of magic for his way of making films. In this American comedy, Bridges was one of the main figures in the cast, playing an unemployed bowler.

At a time when studios are resurrecting old franchises thatbig lebowski can i come back? While details about the specific project are unknown, it is possible if the parties involved are genuinely interested. In addition to the current context the industry finds itself in, by delving into old stories to analyze the possibility of continuing or spin off connected.

The Big Lebowski Might Have a Sequel and Jeff Bridges Wants to Come Back

The condition under which Jeff Bridges will participate in the sequel big lebowski

Box office collection big lebowski in 1998 it was close to $47 million. At that time it was an insignificant amount, even some experts could consider it a failure. However, over time, the film became a kind of cult work, which gradually accumulated followers.

It is likely that someone in the industry knows about this and wants to take advantage of it. During an interview with PeopleJeff Bridges said, “Oh God! If the brothers (Coens) were involved, I would certainly. They are mysterious and full of surprises. You don’t know what they are going to do. So how amazing they are, I don’t know. I think they will make a sequel big lebowski. But like I said, they’re amazing, so maybe they can do it.”

The actor also mentioned in the aforementioned medium his vision of films and the passage of time. Jeff Bridges said:Movies are like your children: they see everything in perspective.. They let you know how fast (life) flows because before you know it, you have a six-month-old girl and then you turn around and she’s 16. With movies, it’s a bit like that.”

Based on Jeff Bridges’ comment, the project may already be up and running. Although he did not receive a clear offer and only expresses his intention to return to that story if the Coen brothers are in it. Considering the tradition of big lebowski as far as comedy goes and that Bridges’ profile has grown since then, maybe that’s a good idea.

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