Yandex.Market submitted an application to Rospatent for registration of the crtvmrkt trademark. The company is going to create an internal creative studio. The document is posted in the register on the department’s website.

Yandex.Market will create an internal creative studio called crtvmrkt

“Yandex.Market has filed an application for registration of the crtvmrkt trademark. His registration is connected with the creation of an internal creative studio for the development of advertising marketing materials and the provision of services in the field of design and creativity,” the company’s press service told RB.RU.

The studio will implement full-cycle advertising campaigns in the interest of the Yandex.Market brand.

According to the creative director of the Name Office, Vadim Dunaev, social networks have already noticed that the logo does not read well enough. “In my opinion, this is not a big problem: the mark is intended for internal use. This is not a milk package that should be recognized from five meters away, ”Dunaev told RB.RU.

At the end of December, Yandex filed an application for registration of a new nameless trademark – supposedly a black elephant is depicted on a white background. Experts suggested that it could be used for new software, data storage, and also as a new Yandex.Market logo.


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Source: RB

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