Pedro Pascal is an absolute sensation. Among his major roles in Last of us And The Mandalorianseems to be the most fashionable actor on television in recent years. Not only that, he has become an internet sensation, littered with memes and clips of the actor dancing and smiling.

All this in an interview with Hollywood Reporter Along with Evan Peters, Jeff Bridges, Kieran Culkin, Damson Idris and Michael Imperioli, he explained his position on the nickname daddy In the Internet. “I don’t daddy And I never will,” he explains.

In fact, it seems that he is trying to keep the term to a minimum to avoid sexualization and reduce it to this. When in fact he is one of the strongest actors that we have been lucky enough to see in both movies and TV shows. But more important than his reaction to becoming a ubiquitous Internet meme is that he revealed the harsh truth about The Mandalorian and his involvement with the series now and especially in the future.

The Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal’s reality The Mandalorian

In the same interview, Pedro Pascal talked about his role in The Mandalorianseries from the Star Wars universe that brought the franchise to life in a way that even Episodes VII, Episodes VIII, and Episodes IX could not.

Pedro Pascal accepted what was already an open secret: He does not act in the third season The Mandalorian. His role was reduced to a simple voice-over. Although in the first and second season it was him in many scenes and he shows his face three times.

“Physical” reins of government took over Brendan Wayne in normal scenes. While Lateef Crowder is responsible for the most dangerous action sequences and moments.

During 2020, in the midst of production of the second season The Mandalorian Rumors spread about problems between Pedro Pascal and the production of the series. In September of the same year, journalist Grace Randolph assured that the litigation had reached the point that the actor refused to record.

In addition to the perceived creative differences – since Pedro Pascal wanted more scenes without a helmet – the actor was reportedly very frustrated and uncomfortable playing in costume, which prevented him from working.

Pedro Pascal confirmed at least the latter during an interview.. He claimed that playing in this costume involved great physical effort.

“There were a lot of experiments, I was in a suit for a long time, but the truth is that my body is not made for this, especially for four months,” he explained in an interview. “I played in costume for a significant period of time. But now that we’ve found a better solution”, referring to voice acting, it only “allowed me to do new things like Last of us“.

So yes, the harsh and sad truth is that Pedro Pascal throughout the entire third season and possibly future appearances, is not the one who wears the Dean Djarin suit. In December 2020, the actor minimized rumors of creative differences between the production The Mandalorian and him, but at least the costume issues were always real and his departure from the show confirmed.

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