many people Buying a new motorcycle in a dream however, owning this means of transport requires great responsibility and skill to avoid traffic accidents.

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But a woman’s dream of a brand new motorcycle it only took 5 seconds after crashing your car the day he went to pick it up at the dealer’s door.

The story of a video that went viral on social media, Mariali Hernandez Emotional after going to the dealer to pick up his new motorcycle.

But experience It didn’t turn out as she expected, In the pictures you can see the exact moment he gets on the motorcycle with a big smile on his face.

woman in seconds went from happy to worried when it starts accelerating the motorcycle and crashes directly onto a platform, scratching the right side with the exhaust.

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Mariali Hern√°ndez could not react and steer the motorcycleA few meters later it landed straight on the ground. When she lost her balance, the viewers had to help the woman who spoiled this special moment.

Fortunately, Mariali Hernandez managed to escape the accident unscathed. although it is not known whether he returned to drive the transport on his new motorcycle.


Source: Exame

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