TIME has met special New details on the case of George Alejandro Gómez Rojas, 32, and his wife, Leidy Castro Ospina, 25, Bogotá couple found dead in a motel room on the outskirts of Nevada.

The case, which was handled in secrecy by the authorities, claims it was a poisoning; but now there are other versions as well.


A source told EL TIEMPO, in addition to details that Police found at the scene, such as that the man was naked, dressed and in bed together; A mysterious substance was found at its location. confirmed to be some kind of sexual enhancerIt is still unknown whether it caused death because it had expired or combined with another type of substance.

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Likewise, EL TIEMPO learned that the motorcycle on which the couple traveled via Huila and visited the Tatacoa desert before arriving at the motel where they died, belonged to George Alejandro’s boss, who had given it to them. trip, because they recently bought their own car and an apartment.

George had a computer job at the Unilago mall in Bogotá.

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Also, this resource tells EL TIEMPO that this couple has changed their itinerary because A hotel room in Neiva was reserved for him.but they preferred to sleep in the motel the night before (when they died).

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Also, two more hypotheses are currently being considered about the couple’s cause of death, as there is talk of yagé poisoning or carbon monoxide poisoning inside the room.

Finally, EL TIEMPO specifically learned: Leidy’s body had a blow wound to her chin, although police initially confirmed there was no sign of violence.aroused suspicion among the relatives of the deceased.


Source: Exame

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