The Kickresharing Whoosh service is getting a redesign. The company is changing its identity, updating the logo, colors, font, and photo. This was reported by the press service of the company.

Whoosh will carry out the first restyling in five years

The updated corporate identity was created in collaboration with the Shuka brand office. Now the opaque yellow stripe, which has replaced the three red lines, becomes the last element of the service style.

Although the color palette has retained continuity, the contrast has been reduced and the color scheme is softer. Now the brand has a new slogan: “Whoosh for more.” The visual language is based on a dynamic image of a moving platform.

The interface and functionality of the application have also changed. Now the main features are displayed on the scooter card: the cost of the trip is calculated immediately taking into account promotional codes, and subscription management becomes more intuitive.

updated functionality

  • Record and authentication combined in a single window.
  • Scooter card. The user has more points of interaction with the key functionality: management of payment methods, information about the promotion code, quick access to the support service through the banner “I’m having problems”, as well as the addition of “How to go?” .
  • Start of trip. Booking management is now available directly from the device card.
  • Travel card. There was a convenient detailed with all the information of the trip, including rates and insurance.
  • subscriptions. Subscriptions and purchased offers are divided into two sections. Now the user sees all the information about his current subscriptions.

The restyling was the beginning of the process of updating the service, next year it is planned to change the design of the scooters and bicycles themselves.

Whoosh’s business has been actively developing recently, despite the crisis that began last year. In December, the company made its first and only initial public offering in Russia in 2022. The service was able to attract 2.1 billion rubles.

The funds received by Whoosh were invested in increasing the fleet of electric scooters by 55%. In the spring, kicksharing began testing scooters with a computer vision module.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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