It’s been six days since the city learned about the video editor’s gruesome murder. Inside the Yessica Calvera apartment. While there was speculation at first that this might have been a home robbery, the truth is that authorities were quickly able to locate the first suspect who matched all known data on the murder. TIME and CityTv learned about the child’s confession.

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It was about Yessica’s 16-year-old stepson, who lived with Calvera for more than 8 years after marrying her father. The younger’s father was abroad on the day of the events, and despite this EL TIEMPO tried to contact him and received a refusal given the seriousness of the events.

However, this environment knew statement of a close relative of the victim, The one who assures that he preferred to hide his identity, confessing to killing the boy’s stepmother early on the morning of May 2, around 4:14 am, while he was asleep and defenseless.

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According to this testimony, It is supported by the indictment submitted by the prosecutor of the case before the guarantee control judge.It was Yessica Calvera’s refusal to leave her home to meet the young man’s girlfriend, which CityTV had access to motivate the young man to commit the murder.

The source told EL TIEMPO that if the family had a precedent in front of police stations, Yessica and the minor would not have had a bad relationship. The young man had said earlier that he didn’t want to live in that house anymore and that he wanted to be with his grandparents. because he lost contact with his mother for several years.

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The indictment even states that he condemns the “abandonment” of the accused by his parents. The university also warned.

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According to the prosecutor’s report, which describes the events confessed by the little one, it can be determined that he changed the scene once. Stabbed Yessica in her bed about 20 timesHe dragged her to the bathroom where he was, cleaning up the traces of blood and hiding the murder weapon.

The document states that “around 4:14 am, the adolescent got into a heated argument with his stepmother for not allowing him to go out with his emotional partner, (…) immediately after the little boy went to his stepmother in the kitchen, picked up a sharp weapon, He went back to the room and inflicted multiple injuries to his head, eyes, arms, chest, hips, and legs.”says the document.

However, the chronology of the crime does not end there. According to the report, the boy lied in his statement to the authorities and his relatives, saying that the door of the apartment was left open after he left. the possibility of a robbery theory; however, she later stated that her stepmother went out at dawn to get on a SITP bus with her. By his own admission, all versions were lies.

The truth is that after the young man committed the murder, he left the house at around 6:15 in the morning and got on the bus he mentioned in his confession. He was caught listening to music by security cameras there, and according to the case’s prosecutor, “without any sign of remorse for the act he had just committed”.

The first report that came to light about Calvera’s death said the woman had left for work on the morning of May 2 and was reported missing when she did not appear. However, the official document says that this version is a lie, as Yessica never left her house that morning, and the last time she was seen alive was around 9:00 pm on the night of May 1. when she walked into her apartment with her stepson.

However, according to an investigator, the surprise in this story came when the police conducting the investigation realized that something in the young man’s initial statement did not match what was recorded on the video cameras.

With this in mind, investigators urged the young man to return home and open the door so he could inspect the flat. The minor made sure by phone that the door was open and there were no keys to the floor.; however, at the request of the authorities, the young man returned home and opened the door.

A source familiar with the incident and witnessing the investigation says that in the presence of uniformed police at the victim’s apartment, the young man panicked and admitted that Yessica’s body was in the bathroom where he had put it. “At that moment the perpetrator took an undecided attitude, he was nervous and repeated that he didn’t know what he was doing Or why he did it,” he said.

For now, it is known, thanks to the document known to this publishing house, that the minor “freely and voluntarily” admitted responsibility for the crime of manslaughter in the circumstances of the criminal aggravation of the murder of Yessica Calvera before a warrant control judge. The young man is being detained by the authorities in a juvenile detention centre.


Source: Exame

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