Lesly Jacobombaire Mucutuy, 13, continues to recover in her room at the Bogotá Military Hospital with her siblings Soleiny, Tien and Cristin.
After spending 39 days lost in the forest and surviving a plane crash on May 1, the children are visited by locals and Army commandos who are involved in the search efforts, along with medical and psychological assistance.

Commander-in-Chief General Helder Giraldo was in the hospital and received two drawings made by the girls.


There is a main character in Lesly’s: the dog commando Wilson, who helps him search and stays with the children for a few days. Today, Wilson got lost in the woods.

The drawings, published last Sunday night, once again gave hope for the speedy recovery of children who survived by consuming the fruit known as juan soco; and another from an Amazonian plant known as milpesos. They also found one of the 100 kits released by the Military Forces, which took 15 days. That’s what the native liberator Henry Guerrero told EL TIEMPO.

(Interesting: The first video of the meeting between the Indigenous Guards and Guaviare’s children).

While this was happening, outside the hospital, his father, Manuel Miller Ranoque, made a series of complaints and denunciations. After complaining that her children’s photos were posted on the networks without permission; assured The children had boarded the plane to escape the opposition’s threats of conscription..

According to her, she received threats from the ‘Carolina Ramírez’ front, where she sought protection. My goal for them,” he said.


He also added that President Gustavo Petro’s official visit took place last Saturday while he was being treated at the Military Hospital, and they took pictures of his children without permission.

“I totally disagree with that. How are they going to make fun of my kids? If I, father, do not do this, why do people who sleep and eat well go there, take them in, take pictures of my children, spread them on the net? This is unfair,” he said.

Ranoque added: “President Petro agreed to speak to me on Saturday and kept me waiting. I don’t understand. I want you to respect, I make the decision as a father. I’m not dead”.


In an interview with EL TIEMPO, this newspaper asked him about the complaints that relatives of his partner Magdalena Mucutuy had alleged against him.

There is talk of ill-treatment of his wife and children. Ranoque assured that complaints were responding to economic problemsHe said that the Mucutuy family wanted to take the children from him.

“I can assure you that I have nothing to do with any family abuse. These are suffocating kicks because they want to take my children from me. They weren’t even with me looking for the children when I was sick,” he said. told.

EL TIEMPO consulted the case with Adriana Velásquez, deputy director general of the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF), and assured: “Currently all complaints, facts and verification actions are being analyzed by the family advocate appointed by the ICBF and ensures strict confidentiality”.

(In context: ‘Alleged harassment complaints are because they want to take my children away’).

He also said that it is the family advocate who must make the decision of the institution’s deputy director regarding child custody and that it will take time.
The investigation continues.


Source: Exame

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