Valorant is a shooter video game from Riot has aspects that make it unique and innovations you need to master to win every game.

That’s why we’re going to share a Valorant guide with the best tips to start playing according to the ‘Digital Trends’ portal.

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one. aim for the head: Headshots make a difference in this video game as they cause twice as much damage as body hits.

The difference from other video games is that when you get a blow to the head, you can’t escape and the person who gets hit first wins the battle.

2. Check the recoil of the guns: Weapons in Valorant are subject to a lot of recoil and mastering this is essential to success.

If you’re firing an automatic weapon, you must aim with the fifth or sixth bullet to the head to finish the job. Alternatively, you can fire single shots or short bursts. This technique is used for long range matches.

3. Choose your character wisely: There are four types of agents in Valorant and each has a different purpose in the team, these are:

duelists: The player’s “DPS” characters (damage per second). His abilities are focused on generating damage, and that’s his main purpose in battle.

starters: These are the wingers of the team that need to concentrate on opening new lines of attack.

sentries: These are defensive cut characters. Its main purpose is to assist duelists in battle. These should be close to the fire brigade and also at a safe distance to use the abilities effectively.

controllers: These are specialized agents for reconnaissance and control of areas other than the main fire department, and they manage the course of the battle and determine how to react depending on the conditions of the battle.

It is recommended to walk for accuracy in shooting.: If you hold down the Shift key in the video game, it will make your rep walk. If he’s running all the time, he’ll make a lot of noise, which betrays both his and your team’s position.

Coordinate equipment purchase: Keep in constant communication with your team, this is essential for coordinating strategies and purchasing equipment, especially for combat and missions.

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To do this, you must exit the battlefield with appropriate armor and purchased skills to succeed at each level. There will be more winners than others, so they must agree to support those with less money and all who are adequately equipped.

According to the ‘Hobby Consolas’ video game portal, the most efficient way to improve when passing a level is to get points. To do this, you must pass the weekly and daily tasks.

Daily games usually offer two thousand points experience per resolved task.

Weekly games distribute more than 12,000 pointsHence the importance of doing as many weekly tasks as possible.

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If you want to get the most experience possible, we will indicate how many points each of the possible modalities you can play, these are:

unrated: 100XP per turn played + 200XP per turn won

Competitive: 100XP per turn + 200XP per turn earned

Nail Rush – 1,000 XP

death match – 900 XP


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Source: Exame

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