In recent years, there have been rumors of a successor nintendoswitch They were as frequent as they were contradictory. However, new clues about the console’s launch have surfaced in the past few hours thanks to a recent lawsuit between Microsoft and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over its purchase of Activision Blizzard.

A new court document has been released showing when the much-discussed Nintendo Switch 2 will hit the market. According to Microsoft, the Japanese are planning to release their next console. “already next year”. In other words, the device will debut sometime in 2024, although it is not specified exactly when.

The mention of a successor to the Nintendo Switch appeared in a snippet where Microsoft criticized the FTC’s argument that the Xbox and PlayStation only compete with each other. The Redmonds accused regulators of excluding Nintendo from their view of console competition in order to artificially boost the Xbox’s market share.

“Microsoft is tracking the performance of the Xbox versus the PlayStation not because the two consoles provide a complete competitive environment, but because they were released at the same time. The Switch was released three years early, and Nintendo is expected to release its successor as early as next year.while the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S are at a different stage in their life cycle,” the document says.

The successor to the Nintendo Switch will arrive in 2024, according to Microsoft.

What Microsoft said may not seem very revealing at first. However, Redmond they seem to have accurate data to fuel speculation surrounding a Nintendo Switch successor.

It is true that, as we said at the beginning, rumors about a future Japanese console have been conflicting lately. In early 2023, for example, it was said that there was still no indication of a new product coming. A few months later, there were rumors about the Switch 2, which is supposedly due this year. It was claimed that the device would operate as an “interim update” rather than a generational evolution. But then it appeared Shuntaro FurukawaCEO of Nintendo, and denied the possibility of a Switch overhaul during the current fiscal year ending March 2024.

At the same time, Nintendo Switch sales have slowed noticeably over the last fiscal year. In fact, the marketing targets set were not met, even after the downgrade. And the Japanese company expects this trend to continue.. “Sustaining sales growth for the Switch will be difficult in its seventh year. Our goal to sell 15 million units this fiscal year is somewhat of an exaggeration,” Furukawa said at a shareholder meeting.

In this context, what Microsoft mentions will mean that we will just have news about the new Nintendo Switch. from April 2024. Which sounds logical and matches the report from Nikkei Asia published last May. It indicated that development of the new console “seemed to be going well”, but that the product launch would not occur “until next spring at the earliest”.

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