Transport Minister William Camargo presented a proposal to improve mobility in cities. The focus is on restricting the use of private cars during peak hours. The initiative aims to reduce road congestion and promote a more sustainable transport system.

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In a recent interview with EL TIEMPO, the official detailed the importance of considering this alternative, as well as encouraging municipalities to propose other measures that contribute to mobility. As an incentive, municipalities that offer the best solutions may receive priority in further resource allocation or fund allocation by the Nation.

Camargo also added: “The municipalities that propose the best sustainable mobility practices will be those that prioritize the allocation of more or more resources and have Ministry support, this is a matter of incentives.“.

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Likewise, the minister assured that municipalities would have the freedom to implement this measure.

If the citizens do not have a rational awareness about the use of the limited road infrastructure, the growth of the vehicle fleet and the increasing use of private vehicles, we are doing the opposite exercise.“.

He also claimed that “it is.orn It’s a pedagogical exercise that I know is difficult, but someone needs to say this because that’s where congestion problems arise.accident rate and longer travel times, and the Department of Transportation most frequently complained about for not doing its homework.“.

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Likewise, in the interview,provide resources for road safety, logistics and sustainable mobility“. Camargo recommends that this measure be implemented. It is an autonomous decision of the municipalities. and that the ministry will only be tasked with providing resources and incentives for them to apply.

Finally, the Minister of Transport stated that this proposal is viable because it must carry the largest number of trips and also competes for the use of space with private vehicles and motorcycles.

It is very difficult for us to be efficient on a road network that has 100 vehicles, 90 percent cars and only 10 percent public transport. It’s so hard it’s impossible‘, he pointed.

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Laura Camila Ramos
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