Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was assassinated on Wednesday (August 9th), a reality that shocked the neighboring country. Since the day of the assassination, Police have caught suspected hitmen, including many Colombians. A video of the candidate’s arrest of alleged murderers is circulating on social networks.

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In the clip, you can see a yin man and a policeman in a white jacket being beaten in the street. The man was hit by at least one bullet and he fell on a public road. Just then, a man in a uniform jumps on him and starts kicking him.

The videographer asks if the procedure the police should follow is to catch the alleged hitman. In fact, one of the alleged gunmen died minutes later. Apparently, this is the topic that appears in the video.

On Saturday, August 12, the shooter who allegedly took Villavicencio’s life was identified as a Colombian national, a native of Cali, Valle del Cauca.

Last Thursday, a judge sent six Colombians detained by Police to jail as a preventive measure on suspicion of being financially responsible for the killing of the presidential candidate who was shot outside a rally on Wednesday in Quito.

Based on the facts presented by the prosecution, the judge ordered the arrest of six people. During the trial to formulate the charges, as detailed by the Ministry of Public Affairs through its official channels.

Ecuadorian authorities are developing an investigation that allows individualization of the determinants of Villavicencio’s crime, who was buried last Friday to the pain of his family, friends and supporters.

This Saturday, the Construye party is the formula for Fernando Villavicencio’s vice presidency, Andrea González, They will receive their flags for the elections on August 20.

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González will face Luisa González, local leader Yaku Pérez and former vice president Otto Sonnenholzner, who is close to Correa and led a 26.6% poll by the firm Cedatos, and four other candidates.

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Source: Exame

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