Xbox 360 marked an era in the world of video games, but Microsoft is ready to turn the page. The Redmonds confirmed their plan close virtual console storeso that players will no longer be able to buy games or add-ons (DLC) through it.

But be careful, do not despair, because the solution will not work immediately. Microsoft confirms closing of Xbox 360 virtual store will take effect July 29, 2024. So users of the old console still have almost a year to continue buying content from it.

It is worth noting that after the closure takes effect, not only will users not be able to download games, DLC, and any other type of content from the console. It was also decided unsubscribe from Xbox 360 Marketplacewhich is still available online to this day.

Likewise, on July 29, 2024, the app will also stop working. Movies and TV Xbox 360. This means that all movie and series related content will no longer be displayed on the console after this date.

Xbox 360 says goodbye to its virtual store

That Microsoft announced it was closing the Xbox 360 Virtual Store nearly a year before is no minor fact. This means that from today until July 28 next year, players will be able to continue to buy games and add-ons compatible with console released at the end of 2005.

Although that’s not all. When Microsoft closes the Xbox 360 store, purchased content will not disappear. This means that gamers will still be able to enjoy classics such as Gears of War, rock band or red dead redemption. But you won’t be limited to continuing to play them on Xbox 360 only. With backwards compatibility, you’ll be able to access them on newer console versions like Xbox One or Series X|S.

“A lot has changed since the launch of the Xbox 360 in 2005. Technology has evolved, player expectations have changed, and we’re focused on making Xbox Series X|S the best place to play now and into the future. Our commitment to keep your ability to play content you’ve already purchased on your device of choice has changed,” the Xbox Blog says.

Microsoft closes the loop

An interesting point is that the closure of the Xbox 360 Virtual Store it will not affect multiplayer in games. Microsoft has indicated that as long as the game developer keeps their servers online, the specified mode will not be subject to change. The same goes for being able to save your progress to the cloud so you can later transfer it to a newer console.

In addition, those players who deleted the games they bought, you can download them againeven after July 29, 2024. Although Xbox 360 games and their respective DLCs will continue to be sold on Xbox One and Series X | S.

Finally, in the case of Movies & TV, the end of support will only affect viewing content on Xbox 360. Each user’s library It will continue to be available on most modern consoles and Windows PCs..

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