Russian manufacturers of optical fibers and duties from it are asked to introduce a 15% import customs duty.

We are talking about fiber optic, telecommunications, power cables and so on. Andrey Zarenin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Digital Development, requests a check on the share of imported products and draws a conclusion about the impact of the consumer industry.

Such a spread initiative is due to the fact that the production of manufacturers (primarily fiber optics) are afraid of reducing the production of their products. They were purchased from a Japanese company, which became available for deliveries to Russia in the spring of 2022.

The fact is that after the launch of the Russian manufacturer of optical fibers, it encountered a lack of preforms.

The search for alternatives took time and led to the temporary consumption of optical fiber by a public enterprise. Because of this, cable factories-customers were attracted to the fiber for their products in China and imported it with the payment of a three percent import duty.

– Head of the NP “Electrocable Association” Maxim Tretyakov

Tretyakov claims that the volumes of use by Chinese manufacturers of final cable products have been expanded, and deliveries to the Russian Federation have increased.

Russian operators have made a choice in favor of: they are ready to buy cheap from Chinese products only with an increase in the growth of tariffs for their services. In particular, MTS declares that a part of the Russian-made cable range is not available on the market or does not require a requirement to request the operation of networks and the provision of services. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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