Xbox has taken an important step in promoting a more respectful and safe gaming environment by introducing a penalty system.

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The aim is to encourage positive interaction among users and maintain community standards, so access restrictions to certain services such as multiplayer will be imposed on players who receive eight warnings for violating the rules.

The video game company continues its efforts to strengthen security measures and implement systems and tools that encourage players to interact respectfully.

“Everyone deserves a comfortable, harassment-free place on the Internet,” the brand emphasizes.

In this sense, the American company is trying to clarify the guidelines to follow to enforce community standards and encourage respectful interaction, eliminating inappropriate behavior such as harassment among users.

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To achieve this, Xbox has developed an alert system. By accumulating eight ‘strikes’ or violations, the player’s access to certain services will be temporarily limited. This will create a compliance history for each user where violations committed and their overall impact on the platform will be recorded.

“This revised system allows players to better understand the severity of the measures implemented and the cumulative impact of multiple violations,” he explains. Dave McCarthy The vice president of Xbox Gamer Services said in a statement on his website.

The system aims to inform players about how their behavior affects their own and other users’ experience, in line with the company’s content moderation policy.

When someone sees Community Standards being violated, they should report it to Xbox. This will be evaluated by the security team and no automated action will be taken based on the report alone, according to Xbox.

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After the situation has been evaluated, it will be decided whether a warning or ‘strike’ should be issued for the offending player.

In the new system, temporary sanctions may be applied depending on the severity of the violations. For example, a player who receives two warnings will be suspended from the platform for one day, while a player who receives four warnings will result in a seven-day suspension. These remain on the player’s record for six months and can be accumulated.

Ultimately, players can collect up to eight alerts that will result in the suspension of social features on the Xbox platform. This means one year restrictions on access to messaging services, group chats and multiplayer modes, among others.

Violations include in-game insults, teasing, sexual language or hateful behavior.

Xbox aims to “protect gamers”. However, suspended accounts will still be able to enjoy single-player experiences and access all content purchased on the platform.

However, Microsoft advises that it “reserves the right to permanently suspend” accounts that are involved in serious violations or illegal activities.

*This content was rewritten with the help of artificial intelligence based on information published by the Europa Press agency and reviewed by a journalist and an editor.

Source: Exame

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