Electronic Arts and BioWare announced that Age of the Dragon 4 Will be called Dragon Age: Direwolf and introduced the logo for the next game in the series. Although details are scarce, the name confirms the return of Solasone of the most important characters in Age of Dragons: Inquisition. One, he dire wolfwill return as an antagonist in a new BioWare game.

The studio shared a little information about Solas. if you haven’t played Age of Dragons: Inquisition you just need to know that he is an elf wizard who accompanies you during your adventure. His true identity is revealed in a post-credits scene where he reveals his intentions from the start.

Solas, dire wolf. Some say he could be an ancient elven god, but others say he isn’t. Others say that he is a traitor to his people… or a savior who is now trying to save them at the cost of his peace. His motives are incomprehensible and his methods are sometimes dubious, earning him a reputation as a trickster deity, a player of dark and dangerous games.

Biovar confirmed that Solas will be the antagonist in Dragon Age: Direwolf. In the 2020 cinematic trailer, Varric can be heard talking about the new hero. without a magic hand and without an ancient prophecyalluding to the main characters of previous games.

Dragon Age: Direwolf will not arrive in 2022

Dragon Age: Direwolf will not be released in 2022. BioWare said the game is in development and promised to release more information in the coming months. While the title announcement may satisfy some fans, the truth is that Age of the Dragon 4 Four years have passed since its announcement at the Game Awards 2018.

Electronic Arts made it clear that both this game and the next mass effectwould take time, although it would be fair if the next announcement of Dragon Age: Direwolf be more than just a cinematic teaser.

Dragon Age Inquisition It won numerous Game of the Year awards, but it was also one of the most difficult games for BioWare. Several former employees testified that the development Inquisition it was hell due to poor management and use of the Frostbite engine.

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