Donald Trump: 1 meter, 90 centimeters, 98 kilos and blond hair. With these attributes, and like all the other defendants, including the court photo, the former US president was sent to Atlanta jail this Thursday after being accused of trying to rig the 2020 presidential election.

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During a session that lasted less than 30 minutes, 77-year-old Trump was charged with 13 counts at the Fulton County Penitentiary in Atlanta.A historic criminal record was photographed and he was later released on $200,000 bail, according to records released by the sheriff’s office.

Accused of conspiring with 18 other defendants to disrupt the outcome of the 2020 election in the southern state, Trump spent a short time in prison before leaving in a motorcade for the airport.

Until now, Trump was exempted from posing for a headshot, but this time he was treated like anyone else.

A short time later, footage of the former president staring at the camera with a stern face and frowning was dispersed.

Speaking to reporters after his arrest, Trump, who is leading the 2024 Republican presidential nomination race, described it as “a very sad day for America” ​​and accused his Democratic opponents of “interfering in the election”.

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“What happened here is a ridiculous example of justice,” he added. “I did not do anything wrong”.

Rudy Giuliani, his former lawyer, who is one of 19 people in that state accused of trying to spoof the 2020 election results, said he spoke to Trump on Wednesday and wished him good luck.

“What they did to him is an attack on the American Constitution,” Giuliani said as he left the Fulton County prison in the state capital, Atlanta, where he was formally incarcerated before being released on bail.

Mark Meadows, his last private pen to be released on $100,000 bail, also appeared this Thursday. However, another defendant, Harrison Floyd, was detained for not being released on bail. All of them were fingerprinted, and police photos quickly circulated in the media and social networks.

Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat explained that normal procedure in Georgia was to photograph the defendant before he was released on bail.

While the two entrances of the prison were closed to traffic in the morning hours, police officers with bulletproof vests were waiting in the minibus at one of the entrances. Trump also replaced lawyers in Georgia on Thursday, replacing Drew Findling with Steven Sadow; a hitherto unexplained decision.

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Sadow had previously criticized the racketeering law used by Fulton County Attorney Fanni Willis to charge 19 defendants collectively; this rule was one that required a prison sentence of between five and 20 years.

A grand jury appointed by the prosecutor on August 14 charged them with illegally attempting to annul the result of the 2020 election, which Biden won in this key state.

The 19 defendants are expected to return to court the week of September 5, possibly to declare whether they have pleaded guilty. Prosecutor Willis plans to hold the hearing in March 2024.

Trump faces four criminal cases at the federal level, two in Washington and Florida (southeast), one in New York state and one in Georgia.

But each of these processes brings him millions of dollars in donations from supporters who believe he is the victim of a “witch hunt.” Trump’s presentation before Georgia officials followed Wednesday’s initial debate for the Republican primaries. The night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which the former president thought was unnecessary given his lead in the polls.

Despite his disappearance, Trump captured the focus of the debate; All but two candidates said they would support him as the party’s candidate, even if he was convicted.

INTERNATIONAL ARTICLE*with information from AFP

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